Would you like to invest in Wonderland ($TIME)? Read this article before your continue!

Are you in love with blockchain technology? Are you an enthusiast who just loves how blockchain technology is taking over the financial world, especially through Defi (Decentralized finance)? Or would you just like to earn some quick bucks in order to pay back your debts and get rich in a few months? There can be many reasons why you want to invest in Wonderland and buy $TIME tokens, but the real question is – should you do it? Is it worth it? Here I will share some of my thoughts about the project that might help you make a better decision.

There are so many cryptocurrency projects on the market that it is easy to get lost. And there are so many forks of projects, meaning that they use the same code as other projects, only making some minor changes, giving it a new name, and maybe implementing more functions. That is why it is easy to get lost in the jungle of cryptocurrencies. But, when you visit the website of Wonderland at wonderland.money, you will quickly be attracted by the APY presented.

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Wonderland crypto - Time token

Do you see the same as I see? At the time I made the screenshot above, the APY of the project was 40,200%. That is just crazy, and it is probably too good to be true. So, as a good researcher, you started to do your own research in order to find out if this is a scam project or not. And here you are. Welcome! But, what is there to know about the project?

Since we first wrote this article, the APY has actually increased, and as of November 2021, it is actually somewhere around 90,000%. Besides that, there are more than 100,000 active people staking on the platform as of November 20th in 2021.

First of all, by the time you read this article, the APY will probably decrease. As more people stake their $TIME tokens, the APY will decrease. But, it will still remain high and there is an incredible potential for high income here. So, what should you know before you enter the race?

Wonderland – all sorts of information

Wonderland with its $TIME and $MEMO tokens is located on the Avalanche blockchain. This is a blockchain just like Ethereum, Cardano, Cosmos, Solana, and several others. An advantage of this fact is that doing transactions is very cheap and very quick, meaning that you can buy tokens on TraderJoe, stake them, and also unstake tokens paying less than a Dollar in fees. That is VERY different from doing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain right now.

Price of the Time token

The Time token was first made available on September 4th on TraderJoe and it launched with a price of approximately $750. It has slowly grown in value since then, and currently, it is trading at around $2600 per token. It reached its current top of $3600 on September 22nd in 2021.

The liquidity pool for the AVAX/TIME trading pair on TraderJoe currently has tokens worth $19,000,000 in it, and the daily trading volume has been around $8,000,000 daily in the last few days. But, a liquidity pool and volume don’t mean that it is a project worth investing in. People invested in Bitconnect back in 2017, and we all know how that went in the end. So, let us dig a little bit deeper to learn more about Wonderland.

But, what is Wonderland all about? Wonderland is an OlympusDAO fork.

Wonderland is a fork of OlympusDAO, a very popular project running on the Ethereum blockchain. I suggest you take a look at their website, and if you do some more digging, you will quickly discover that the two pages are almost identical. Not only are they very similar in design, but if you start to look at the documentation for both projects, you will see that Wonderland has mostly copied and pasted all the text, and then just changed the names to Wonderland, and to $TIME and $MEMO instead of OlympusDAO, $OHM, and $sOHM.

I have already written an article about whether or not you should invest in OlympusDAO, so no matter what you do, take a look at that article as well, because everything that is written in that article somehow deals with Wonderland as well since it is a copy of OlympusDAO, just running on a different blockchain.

Now, the fact that they have forked the code might make you skeptical, but it doesn’t have to. After all, if you look at all the different decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, TraderJoe, Pangolin, SushiSwap, and so many others, you will quickly see that they are almost identical, simply because they are forks of one another. So, a fork doesn’t have to be bad… but there is no guarantee that it is good either!

One thing that is important to know is that Wonderland is NOT backed by the OlympusDAO team. In other words, they do not support this project, nor do they endorse the project.

The goal of the project is to create a crypto-backed stable coin that will be protected by its own treasury. Whenever someone by bonds, the size of the treasury will increase, and this is used to give strength and back the value of the coin in the future. When you buy bonds at the Wonderland website, you will get some discount on the $TIME tokens that you buy, and at the same time, your money will be sent to the treasury and strengthen the project in the future. You can also buy tokens directly at TraderJoe, but the price is then a little bit higher.

What is the goal here? The goal is to have crypto pegged, not to the Dollar like most stable coins today, but to the $TIME token (on Avalanche).

Investors are attracted by the fantastic APY

Everyone with money wants to make more money. So when we read about a project with an APY of 40,000%, we all want to invest. This is kind of the key with the project, that they need lots of investors to invest, thus strengthening the token and the project. A part of the game is the fact that the APY will decrease, and most likely also the value of the token as the investors own more and more tokens, but at the same time, even if the price drops to $260, you will still be in a giant plus if you have 20x more tokens than you had at the start. These are all things worth taking into consideration.

To get started, simply purchase some AVAX tokens on Binance (for example), send them to your wallet on the Avalanche blockchain (I use MetaMask), go to TraderJoe, buy some TIME tokens, go to the Wonderland website, click Approve, reload the page, and then stake the amount of Time tokens you have. You don’t need to own an entire Time token to do this, you can easily stake 0,1 $TIME or whatever amount you would like to stake.

While you are staking your tokens, you will no longer see the $TIME tokens in your wallet, but you will instead see the $MEMO tokens in your wallet and also at the Wonderland website (in the application).

staked balance of MEMO and TIME tokens

You will be handed out rewards three times a day (approximately), and based on the rate of interest, you should own approximately 8,5% more tokens after five days compared to at the time of the original investment. The great thing is that you continuously compound the interest, meaning that whatever you earn is automatically added to your staked amount, thus increasing your balance and giving you higher and higher rewards for every day passing by (on which you do not unstake anything at all).

So far, so good! It is all easy to understand. But, is this a project that will suddenly disappear and show up as a giant scam in the crypto world? Or can we trust Wonderland to be around in years from now, making sure that your current investment will be worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars in years from now?

An example of how much you can earn with Wonderland (TIME)

So, what does an APY of 40,000% actually mean? It will, of course, decrease, but still – let me give you a little example of what you can expect if you decide to invest and buy 1 TIME token and stake it for approximately one year.

Initial investment1 TIME
After 30 days1.6 TIME (MEMO)
After 90 days4.3 TIME (MEMO)
After 180 days18.7 TIME (MEMO)
After 365 days379 TIME (MEMO)
After 730 days140,000 TIME (MEMO)

So, these numbers are just crazy, and of course, you cannot trust them entirely, because the APY will decrease with time. But, it is very important to understand that even with a price decrease of 99% and if the price will decrease to the level supported by the treasury, you will still be in a GIANT PLUS, if this all works down and the project doesn’t shut down, rug-pull, or anything like that.

Can we trust Wonderland ($TIME)? Is it a scam?

At the present stage, it is impossible to say whether or not Wonderland is a scam or not. The fact that it is a fork of OlympusDAO doesn’t have to mean anything. This can be positive, as a similar project now has turned available on the Avalanche blockchain. But, let me share a couple of things that you should definitely take into consideration.

  • We don’t know the persons behind OlympusDAO, but it is very interesting that we actually do know more about the team behind Wonderland. The project is led by Daniele Sestagalli, an Italian with a high temper and a long experience with projects in the blockchain industry. He is also the leading character of other blockchain projects such as Popsicle Finance and Abracadabra. The fact that he is the face of the project actually comes as a big plus to me, because he is taking responsibility for the project, and if it should fall apart, we know who to blame.
  • You can unstake your tokens at any time and the fees are incredibly low. In other words, if you start to stake today, you can easily unstake it all and leave the project completely tomorrow. You do not lock up your tokens for any set amount of time. This is good!
  • It sounds too good to be true… does it have to make it a scam or bad? It doesn’t have to… but you and I should be careful!
  • It would be great to see some sort of other big players in the cryptoworld speak about the project, endorse the project… it would give it more credibility. Right now it is just another forked project in the crypto jungle.

What do you make of all this? It is a great opportunity and I have invested myself. I cannot guarantee anything, but just like with OlympusDAO, I want to be a part of it if it actually turns out to be awesome. The fact that we actually have some knowledge about the leader of the project (Daniele Sesta) comes as a big plus to me, and knowing that he has taken responsibility when other of his projects experienced trouble earlier (Popsicle Finance was hacked in August 2021), means that I deem him to be a trustable person.

wonderland do your own research avalanche

But, I have decided to give the project a chance myself, just for the sake of doing so. I do not advise you to do so yourself, but if you decide to do so, only invest money that you can afford to lose. And if you invest more, why don’t you let it run for 40-50 days. By that time, your original investment has most likely doubled. You can then self half the tokens, and hopefully, you have covered the initial investment. After that, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you haven’t lost any money at all, and whatever happens from here on forwarding will be a positive plus!

  • I just discovered this article written by a hardcore Wonderland fan giving you a thorough introduction to the project. It digs even deeper and explains how the treasury works and goes deeper on several other details as well. If you want to do thorough research, I think this is a piece of work you should read as well.

What are your thoughts about Wonderland ($TIME)?

I have tried to share some of my thoughts about Wonderland in this article. What are your thoughts? What questions do you have? Do you agree with me or do you disagree? I would love to read your questions, hear about your experience, and whether or not you will invest in the project or not!

If you want to read about other platforms and projects that can help you grow passive income, click the link for a very interesting article I wrote some weeks ago!

Write your comments below. I look forward to reading whatever you have in your heart!

76 thoughts on “Would you like to invest in Wonderland ($TIME)? Read this article before your continue!

  1. Hans Jensen says:

    Get in touch with Summitrecoup . com to help you recover all your scammed funds. I got in touch with them when i was scammed by CryptoFx to be precise, having deposited over $427,560 but still couldn’t withdraw any funds. They kept on telling me to deposit more to reach a certain amount but still couldn’t withdraw then it dawned on me that these people were playing games with my money.
    Within a week of contact, Summitrecoup . com did the impossible, they recovered everything and also my ROI for the agreed duration of investment.
    Dont hesitate to contact them if you need any help. They’re the Best out there.

  2. MDadNJ says:

    I am confused by one thing. Some videos seem to indicate that when you convert TIME to AVAX, you can’t just send AVAX to Coinbase to convert to US Dollars. Is that correct? AVAX is on Coinbase for buying and selling so why can’t you go from AVAX (via TraderJoeXYZ) and send to Coinbase? The video seemed to indicate that if you tried that your AVAX would be lost forever.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      You need to be careful about sending AVAX to the C-Chain (that is the one you are using when trading on TraderJoe and staking on Wonderland). I guess Coinbase should support the C-Chain, but if you are insecure, try sending 0.01 AVAX first and see if you succeed. I am sending directly from my MetaMask wallet and TraderJoe to Kucoin, so I guess the same method can be used with Coinbase as well? Might try it later if you want me to! 🙂

  3. Theo says:

    Most often such sites dissappear after some time, when they see, that the Inflow of capital is smaller then the outflow.
    We had this a lot in the past. Now the question is .. how long will this one stay up?
    I don’t think forever because else noone would invest somewhere else :-).
    So get your funds in an pray that you get it out before the domain just dissappears.
    Unless the person from Italy calls me and explains me how he can make more percentage then (nearly) anybody else.
    Only beaten by Bill Gates and his vaccine-deals,

  4. Pinnaple says:

    Hi, if I will stake more money, does it mean that staking time will start to run from the moment I staked again funds (even for this, I staked earlier)?

  5. AB says:

    Hi, il you open “browser” Inside the app MetaMask opening the wonderland site , the error “wrong network” disappears. Fixed for me.

  6. Matt says:

    I bought AVAX and traded for TIME on TraderJoe. I then went to Wonderland and hit the stake button and thought I staked it but the next day looked and did not receive any MEMO. Must have neglected to approve the transaction I guess. Once I actually staked it, my TIME disappeared from my Metamask wallet and shows up on the wonderland site as staked. You will not see any MEMO in your Metamask wallet unless you add the token address to your wallet but you should see it on the site. If you wrapped your MEMO into WMEMO then it disappears from the staking page on the site but will show up in another area. If you had other coins in your Metamask and they are gone too then someone hacked your wallet. If none of that is the case then maybe you went to a fraudulent site and transferred your TIME to some scammer.

  7. Michael says:

    Hello, I have a problem also. My TIME never got posted. When I trace it on Snowtrace it comes up with a deposit to Wonderland DAO

    From Wonderland: Time TokenTo 0x694738e0a438d90487b4a549b201142c1a97b556 ​
    for 0.295478956 ($2,123.80) Time (TIME)
    From 0x694738e0a438d90487b4a549b201142c1a97b556
    To Wonderland: DAO For 0.147739478 ($1,061.90) Time (TIME)

    Metamask support told me to contact Wonderland support. Which for the life of me there is not one?

    Has anyone had this happen?

  8. Ronnie Cataraha says:

    Its compounding interest of 10% every 5 days. Do the math. It comes out to an APY of over 70000% over a years time.

  9. Chumdawaters says:

    You should do a tiny bit of research before making a ridiculous assumption. Go and buy more Shiba Inu or some other nonsensical meme coin. Lol

  10. Kym O'Brien says:

    You need to make sure that you have some AVAX available to fees coverage (0.1 will be plenty) otherwise it will not let you stake. I’ve started staking with 0.07 time as a trial.

  11. Matthew says:

    there is many scammers frauds as long they keep it somehow uncensored, thats why all this blockchain networks and sites go wrong way, so it will quit on long way or they upgrade regulation or replace some of them to safer networks. anonymous? no way in investing….
    i think its very VERY dangerous to invest more than 100$, thats my opinion, how do they make money? nobody know. maybe some rich people want “give” money by this way :-), or they invest it somehow to make avalanche more famous, do you believe all is for free, i dont believe……, just there will be some lucky people who just quit before crash of “some”sites maybe or was lucky first user with happy end during months, OR they choose right websites with whales investors, its like lottery, as long its work is ok, they probably burn tokens all time to keep stable price with some lp pairs thats all about dao, but if all of investors unstake then it collapse, so i predict it CAN work maybe half year or year. or they implement decrease price tokens who know? many of this similar site ends business with the despair of many people and a waste of money……, and some lucky winners too

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi I seem to have a similar problem in that when I unstaked to time the time in my MetaMask went directly into Wonderland contract address

  13. Michelle says:

    Hi please help. I returned my memo back to time and the time has disappeared from my MetaMask. After further research it seems that the time has gone back into the wonderland protocol, almost like a loop? Can you advise please as I have lost over £1000

  14. C says:

    Yours is a new interface, and the one with colors is the older interface, which you can enable if you prefer. It’s all the same site, just two different themes available

  15. Steve says:

    The backing of TIME is 2014$ at the moment, if it falls below that the protocol will buy time to increase its value. It can do that for 411days hence it’s runway. In theory it will never fall below 2014$.

  16. Isaac Makari says:

    I have the same issue. Apparently the funds are now sitting in treasury account…. apparently no way of getting them back…..

  17. Armin says:

    Why does my Wonderland App looks completely different to the one you show on top of this site?
    Mine is with a black background and white letters, no colors at all.

  18. Alan Daniel Fletcher says:

    Compounding process on the interest every 5 days over a year, it’s only that crazy 80,000% APY if your investing for 365 days, and the tokens stay at their current price. So in theory, you could turn a thousand into hundreds of thousands, in a year. To make it a good investment, your reliant on three factors, one the token doesn’t depreciate in value by 90% (it has the same mechanics as a ponzi, it needs constant investors and a bull market) and two they don’t steal the money and run off with it, three they don’t decide to remove the awarded tokens, four the avoid the regulators, 5, in crash scenario, your able to un-stake and get out. My non-financial advice with all of these DAOs, is it’s worth a punt with a small amount of cash, BUT, do not over invest and do not invest anything you can’t afford to loose. Your better off investing in three or four rather than one lump sum in one, and factor in at least two of them, going bust. The thing that worries me the most is the anonymous nature of the owners, how do you know your not funding organised crime, or terrorism? For that reason alone, these projects will be shut down eventually.

  19. Mateja Savanovic says:

    you must add TIME and MEMO to your wallet. On the wonderland site go to staking and up on the right corner there is a “TIME” button. Hover your mouse over it and there will be three different buttons. Press on TIME and MEMO buttons and add them to your avalanche network. If you still see 0 balance look on the site if you have coins staked, if not, look at your wallet transactions if it got through. Sometimes fees do not let the transaction to go through.

  20. Notorious says:

    When you stake, your time converts to memo. When you unstake it turns back into time. Time and memo are a 1:1 conversion. Once converted back to time aka unstaked, you can then convert back to avax through trader Joe, send avax back to your wallet, then send to and exchange to off ramp your rewards.

  21. Alberto says:

    When I try to convert back the TIMEs in Sushiswap, the value of the TIMEs is 90% less than the market price, or more.
    So for example with 1 TIME I can get 300 USDC…
    How do I get my money back 100%??

  22. James B Griffin says:

    Import the tokens into your wallet using the contract address located in the Docs section (https://docs.wonderland.money/ecosystem/contracts). Also, watch the very well made videos on YouTube by Price. You can search for staking Time and wrapping MEMO (watch the ones posted by Price). It’s normal to see a zero TIME balance in the Wonderland staking page once you have gone through the staking…if you staked your max balance.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Yes, you can buy and invest in Wonderland with your TrustWallet on Android device. Simply go to the DApps in the wallet, enter wonderland.money in the address, then change the network to Avalanche, and you should be able to communicate with the website and application and stake/unstake your Time/MEMO. You can in the same way transfer Avalanche to your TrustWallet address and later purchase TIME tokens with your AVAX tokens on TraderJoe (once again, make sure to type the traderjoe address in the DApps function, select Avalanche as your network, and connect your wallet.

      That is it! You have started well! Make sure to take care of your recovery keys to your TrustWallet and never share them with anyone!

  23. Victoria says:

    Is there a minimum amount of TIME required to convert to memo to stake? I tried but it gave me an error code but no understandable explanation.

  24. kardenapauza375 says:

    I’m not sure they are stolen. Red the wonderland TIME reddit page. you may need to take other steps to see the coins.

  25. Mike says:

    Vijay you need to import the memo token to your metamask wallet. Go to coinmarketcap.com and search for memo. Look up the contract address and copy it. Go to the bottom of your metamask and click import token. Then paste the contract address. You will now see memo in your wallet. Hope this helps

  26. mattheys says:

    The compound interest works out to be 70,000% but the other person confused that with 70,000x it’s only 700x so his $1 will be worth $700 after a year, that’s if the token keeps it’s value. I can’t help but feel these things are an inflationary nightmare. We will all be wanting to trade back to Zimbabwean dollars soon.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      They are for sure inflationary, and that is actually a part of the plan. In other words, it isn’t expected for the token to hold its value, but with the inflation, you will still be in a big plus, even if the token price should drop 10x. So, this is actually a natural process of Wonderland, OHM, and other similar protocols.

  27. Klaus Wallbrunn says:

    I would love to find out if it’s great or not but I can’t get them to stake my TIME. In Safari I get the “wrong network“ button and in the MetaMask browser I can connect but it doesn’t stake. What am I doing wrong…?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Have you managed to actually buy TIME tokens on TraderJoe, but you are unable to stake them on the Wonderland website? Have you tried to restart your browser? Often you have to first approve, and then restart your browser (or reload the window) before you are allowed to actually stake your tokens with MetaMask in your browser.

  28. Carlos says:

    Wow, was your entire wallet hacked? Have been hearing stories of people with hacked wallets because they forget to disconnect from websites or get tricked into sharing their phrase thing.

  29. Jeffrey M Wood says:

    It’s not 70,000 off $1 it’s only 10% after 5 days if you actually read the website Not sure where the big APY comes from.

  30. Chaes says:

    When you staked you should have had to approve the transaction first which would show up on the scan for the blockchain and then you would have staked it which would show up on the scan as well. Click on your wallet address and it should take to the scan/explorer for the blockchsin. There her your address you should be able to see what transaction drained you of all your time. Then go from there.

  31. Vijay Sud says:

    I invested 13000aud about 10 days ago and found in no time that all my memo were stolen. I do not know what happened and why app. wonderland is showing 0 memo. I alo do not know who to write to and get in touch with. Is it even possible to find my memo. I do not have any proof of my purchase or i do not know where the proof is and how to look for it. Can you please advice or help in anyway?

  32. Vijay Sud says:

    Hi Read your articles on wonderland and olympusdao. Very informative and easy to understand.
    I invested in both in the past 2 weeks. Today i found that the wonderland app is showing my memo balance as 0! I am not sure how the app works and what proof do I have of having purchased the tokens. I can see on etherscan that i bought avax but there is no proof of purchasing memo. Is purchasing avax and swapping for time, a proof of my investment? If yes than how and where can I find that?
    I have lost 13000aud or so i believe. Is it possible that my memo were stolen from the https://app.wonderland.money/#/stake?

    Can you please let me know if my olympusdao investment is meant to stay on https://app.olympusdao.finance/#/stake or am I meant to save my investment in some other place. Is there supposed to be an address for https://app.olympusdao.finance/#/stake investment?

    How can I trace my wonderland memo tokens? I do not have any proof. Is there supposed to be an address for https://app.wonderland.money/#/stake investment?

    Can you please help?

    Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      I would start by checking your address in the transaction explorer for Avalanche. All transactions should be visible there, meaning the fact that you actually staked your tokens, and if someone has removed them from your wallet, that should also be visible!

      I highly doubt that they would disappear just like that (bug), so if they cannot be seen, I would rather believe that your wallet connecting to the website has been hacked and that the hacker has stolen your funds. So, I would visit for example: https://avascan.info/ and then add your wallet address and look at the transactions that have taken place right there!

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Well, that might be so… but if it is as good as that, then I would for sure still invest $1 or $10, just in case it would have a good end! 🙂 Just my 2 cents…
      By the way, with a 70,000% APY, your $1 investment would turn to $700, not $70,000.

  33. WhatNot says:

    How does one convert MEMO back into TIME, or into any other coin? This seems like a scam if the rewards they give you (MEMO) for staking cannot be traded for anything. No matter how much MEMO I have, if I can’t trade it for anything, then it’s worthless.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      That is the easiest thing in the world. In the moment you decide to unstake your MEMO (which really is another name of the TIME you stake), you will receive TIME in return. In other words, whenever you unstake, you will receive TIME in return and not MEMO. So that is really easy!

  34. Alisha West says:

    Love coming to this a month after it is written to see Daniele is a very visible figure behind Wonderland and the APY is now 70,000.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      So far, very good 🙂 The APY has actually been increasing, and so has the trading volume, and even the price! In other words, a success story so far. Based on further research I have done on the leader, Daniele Sesta, I also feel safer about the project now than I did initially!

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