Watch local TV online

Watch Local TV onlineAre you in the mood for watching a local TV station online in another nation? Are you stopped by a geo-block? Here you can find guides telling you how to watch different TV stations and streaming services online from abroad.

There are lots of popular streaming services available that we love and watch almost daily. The most popular is of course Netflix, but we should of course not forget about services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Now. Here you will find out how you can watch all of these and access them online, even when out traveling.

There are lots of popular TV stations as well, but if you try to watch NBC while outside the US you will only get an error message. The same is true if you try to watch BBC from outside England, SVT from outside Sweden and Rai from outside Italy. Here you will find instructions telling you how to access all these different TV stations online, both when traveling and when living in another country.

Watch local TV online – highlights

Get access to US and Canadian Netflix

watch us netflix from abroadNetflix is the most popular of all streaming services. We have a guide telling you how to get access to American and Canadian Netflix (and maybe some other regions), also when out traveling. Do not miss out on the newest and best films, or your favorite original Netflix services. Find out more right here on how you can access US and Canadian Netlfix from abroad.

Watch Hulu, HBO NOW and Amazon Videos from abroad

Hulu is the best option available if you want to get access to the best and newest TV series from the biggest networks at once. Find out more about how to watch Hulu overseas here. Amazon is growing bigger and bigger and if you have a Prime subscription you can read more about watching your Prime account online here. For Game of Thrones fans HBO Now is the number one platform, and here we will tell you how to access HBO Now from abroad.

Watch BBC and ITV in the UK

The msot popular TV channels in the United Kingdom are for sure BBC and ITV. If you miss them while traveling you better not cry. Read our articles instead telling you how to watch BBC from abroad and how to watch ITV outside the UK.

Watch the best of sports online

sports tv channels onlineIf you want to watch the best of sports online there are lots of TV channels and streaming platforms making it possible. If you want to watch SKY Sports in the UK, click the link. If you are more exotic and want to watch your favorite sports on StarSports in India, then that can of course be done as well. For the Americans two popular platforms for watching sports online are and FoxSoccer2Go. Click the links and find out how you can watch your favorite sports channel online.  For more information about specific events, check out this site.

The best US Networks (NBC, CBS, Fox)

Some of the best TV series come from the United States and the are shown on networks such as NBC, CBS and Fox. If you want to watch NBC from overseas, CBS overseas or maybe Fox from abroad all you need to do is to press the link for the information you need. It should not be a secret though that the solution is the same for all three (and most other networks).

Watch Scandinavian TV online

People from Scandinavia tend to long home a lot when they go abroad. They miss their local newscasts and of course the weather reports (five times a day). We can help you find a solution, because here you can find out how to watch NRK from abroad, SVT from abroad, YLE from abroad, RUV from abroad and DR from abroad (the most popular TV channels in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland).

Watch central European TV channels (ZDF, DasErste, Rai, RTVE, M6, TF1, Mitele)

 There are lots of great TV channels in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy. We can of course not write about all of them here, but if you want to watch ZDF from abroad, DasErste from abroad, M6 from abroad, TF1 from abroad, France 2,3,4 from abroad, RTVE from abroad, Mitele from abroad or maybe Rai in Italy, we can of course help you with that.

and so much more

We have written about lots of other TV channels, streaming services and similar services. Look around here in the IP Address Guide to find information about the network, TV channel or streaming service you might be interested in.

If you are looking for a specific TV channel then we suggest that you use the search field in the menu on the right, or you can look through our blog for all blog posts about watching TV stations online.