A closer look at OverPlay DNS

Since we first wrote our OverPlay review years back lots of things have changed. The most important changes have happened with the DNS service provided by OverPlay, so that is why we have taken a closer look at it!

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Overplay Review

OverPlay is for sure among the best SmartDNS services on the market at the moment, and the keyword making this really is their new JetSwitch, a tool that makes it really easy to setup which TV channels you want to see using the DNS service, and in addition you can setup in which nation you want to enjoy Amazon Prime/Instant Videos, Netflix and similar services.

As we first wrote our OverPlay review things worked okay. The VPN servers were in general slow, and since then big changes have not taken place within the OverPlay VPN world. This is also a fact as the same company runs OverPlay and IPVanish, where IPVanish is developed and upgraded all the time, OverPlay has remained more like the SmartDNS solution, while their VPN services remain not the best. And that is why we are interested in the OverPlay SmartDNS service, because that is what OverPlay really is about. If you are in need of a VPN service, then you should go for another service (for example PureVPN where you can include the SmartDNS service in your VPN subscription), but if SmartDNS is all that you are looking for, then read on, because OverPlay is among theĀ  best on the market.

OverPlay DNS speeds

We have been surfing and watching TV online with OverPlay for a long period of time, and we must admit that it works great. There are some problems now and then, for example watching StarSports in India, but with other services like Amazon Instant Videos, Netflix (in different nations), ITV, NOW TV, HBO Now and so on, things are going without buffering or other problems. In other words, no buffering with OverPlay, except from in a few situations.

OverPlay DNS prices

For the SmartDNS service you need to pay about 5 USD a month, which is a very fair price. You get a great product, with a great possibility to manage your account and use the JetSwitch online. Good value!

OverPlay JetSwitch

This is what makes it brilliant. You will fall in love with this service yourself if you try it. While most SmartDNS providers only give you the IPs of their DNS servers and that is it, you actually get power to influence where you want the DNS servers to point something that is very important, because after all there are quite some people who would rather watch UK Netflix than US Netflix, and with the JetSwitch you can easily tell the OverPlay DNS servers to point you in the direction of UK Netflix instead of US Netflix.


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