A closer look at Unblock Us

SmartDNS providers are getting more and more frequent, and they also work harder and harder to include more and more channels and to make selecting TV channels and regions easier. Unblock Us is a leading provider, and should be more than enough for most people.

We have been using Unblock Us for a while now, and based on our experience so far we can without a doubt say that as a provider Unblock Us is more than enough for most people. The do have great speeds, the services work great, and seen with international eyes, the most important TV channels and streaming services are included in the service.

Unblock us review

To setup Unblock Us is really smooth and after signing up you can easily just start their Windows application or follow the instructions on how to manually setup their SmartDNS service on the device you want to use it on (or on your router). This is a great advantage so if you want to watch for example CBS or NBC in the USA from abroad in a few minutes, Unblock Us can easily help you with this and get you started. You can also use Unblock Us to watch Netflix, and it comes very nice that you can select Netflix region to watch on Unblock Us, meaning that you can easily jump between the different Netflix regions using Unblock Us. This comes very practical as you read on websites such as this one about how new films are added to Netflix, and in one moment you want to watch US Netflix, and then in the next moment English Netflix and then afterwards Dutch Netflix. All this is possible and can easily be done using Unblock Us.

The price level is just like with most other services, meaning that they charge you 5 USD a month for the service or 50 USD per year if you go for the annual subscription.

This is a very short review, if it at all can be called a review, but this is just to share our thoughts and first impressions on Unblock Us. If you want to read about another similar service, then you can read our article which we wrote quite recently on OverPlay DNS.

If you have any experiences that you want to share about Unblock Us or have a question, just write.

[stbpro id=”info”]It comes as a great advantage that Unblock Us offer a one week free trial, meaning that you can try their services for one week without using any credit card of paying anything![/stbpro]

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