Watch Bulgaria vs Norway online

Tonight at 20.45 two nations will be stuck in front of their TVs, Norway and Bulgaria. Well, to be honest several other nations will be stuck to their TVs as well, because there are several other nations playing Euro 2016 qualification matches tonight, but for Bulgaria and Norway this is a match of great importance.

With a Bulgaria win they will stand almost equal with Norway, meaning that they will fight hard for the third place in their Euro 2016 qualification group. With a draw, or with a win for Norway, Bulgaria will loose terrain, and it will be a long and hard way for them to get the third place in the group. So, that is why all Bulgarians and Norwegians will want to watch tonight’s match. But, how can you watch Bulgaria vs Norway online if you can not see it on a TV channel on your TV screen?

Here are two ways and methods!

Watch Bulgaria vs Norway online

  1. Get yourself a Bulgarian IP address and watch the match on BNT. We can not guarantee that this will work, but it should work. To get yourself a Bulgarian IP address we recommend using PureVPN.
  2. Get yourself a Norwegian IP address, visit and buy a one month pass there which will give you access to all Euro 2016 qualification matches online in the upcoming days. To get a Norwegian IP address you can use PureVPN again.

If you try the latter version, then you might get some language trouble because you do not understand Norwegian. If that is a problem, just comment this article, and we will do our best to help you out with what to press and so!

Good luck watching!

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