A fantastic animated Christmas movie on Netflix

Are you looking for a fantastic Christmas movie to watch with your kids on Netflix? You might look for productions from big companies, but if you want a fantastic evening, go ahead and watch the Netflix original production named Klaus instead.

Klaus is a Netflix original production that was released in November 2019. I am normally quite skeptical to Netflix original content, but I have got to say that I had a great time watching this movie. Not only did I enjoy it, but so did my kids.

Klaus tells us a possible story about the character of Santa Claus came around. It brings even more magic into the story, and it will for sure make your kids enjoy the character even more in the future. I was afraid that the movie would remove the faith in Santa Claus by coming up with some strange story, but instead, I believe they actually want to believe in him even more after watching the movie.

The story of Klaus

At the start of the movie it can be quite hard to understand how this will lead to Santa Claus. We meet a lazy boy who is sent away far north by his father as a punishment for his laziness. This is to be the punishment of his life. If he doesn’t manage to open a postal office and deliver 6000 letters in a year, he will be cut off from his heritage. The boy isn’t exactly happy, but he has no clue what to expect as he travels to his destination.

But, once he gets there, he understands quickly that anyplace would be better than where he is. He is desperate to find a solution and to make people send mail, but it doesn’t work out. That is, at least, until he meets a character in the forest who decides to use the postman to deliver a package to a boy in town.

For some reason, the rumor is spreading, and the little kid tells everyone that if they send a letter in the post with information about what they want to get, they will have it delivered to them. Suddenly, the crowds come flocking, and our mailman has plenty of work to do.

A big change takes place in the entire city, and even though most people are happy about it, some people do not really want a change for the better.

Klaus review
Get to know this fantastic postman as you watch Klaus on Netflix

An awesome Netflix original

I have got to say it once again, Klaus was one of the most entertaining Netflix original productions I have seen so far. It brings further magic to the story of Santa Claus and it gives children a chance to understand Santa even better. The animations are nice, and even though it might not be a very high-budget movie, it still gives us whatever one would expect from such a production.

This is safe to show your children. It is recommended for those 7 years or older, but if you have a 5-6-year-old in the house and plan on watching the movie together with them, it shouldn’t cause any trouble at all.

How and where to watch Klaus online?

Since Klaus is a Netflix original movie, you can stream it for free with your Netflix subscription. It has been subtitled and dubbed into lots of languages, making it even more kid-friendly. You do not need to change your Netflix region, nor to use a VPN for this to work. All Netflix original productions are made available in all Netflix regions, so you can just visit Netflix immediately and stream Klaus on Netflix.

If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you should go ahead and sign up for your own 30-day free trial to Netflix first.

Is Klaus worth watching on Netflix?
The legend of Santa Claus on Netflix

What to watch for Christmas this year?

Klaus is for sure one of the best Christmas movies worth watching this year. But, if you want to know more about which Christmas movies to watch for adults on Netflix or the best Christmas films on Amazon Prime, click the links to get further suggestions and ideas.

Have you seen Klaus? How did you like it? Are you as enthusiastic as I am? I would love to hear your thoughts!

By the way, this is way better Christmas entertainment than the movie Noelle on Disney+ featuring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader. I had great expectations to that movie, but it disappointed me greatly. I didn’t expect much as I watched Klaus, and got a major positive surprise. Enjoy!

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