Orion Relocation Services – The Blacklist is getting more and more interesting!

Yesterday, I got to watch the most recent episode of The Blacklist, Orion Relocation Services. It was a blast of an episode, and finally I feel as if we are getting somewhere with the complicated story and relationships between Elizabeth Keen, Raymond Reddington, and Katarina Rostova.

Based on the promo of the episode I saw before the actual episode, I had a feeling that this episode would give us some progress in the story of Katarina Rostova and Elizabeth Keen. And my gosh, we really did get some progress!

But, before I share some words about this, let me tell you some more about Orion Relocation Services.

The Blacklist season 7 episode 9
Elizabeth Keen is in the focus in the Orion Relocation Services episode of The Blacklist

What is the task of Orion Relocation Services?

We know from the earlier episodes that Katarina Rostova used the Orion Relocation Services. But, how and why? It is a service frequently used by people who want to disappear entirely. So, they have some other people killed (people without a big social network), and then take on their personality and live on as these people in the future. That is exactly what Katarina Rostova did as she moved into the neighborhood of Elizabeth Keen, and that is what led Reddington to the company in the first place.

Now they are tracking down Orion Relocation Services, and while this is happening, Elizabeth Keen is also tracking down the person who was killed in the park (that her daughter Agnes witnessed). This leads her to a Russian guy, whom she later tells Raymond about. Since then, Reddington has, of course, killed the person behind the murder in the park.

But, what’s happening with Elizabeth Keen and with Katarina Rostova?

At the bureau, they have gotten their hands at files showing all the relocation jobs done by Orion. They are all looking through the files, and guess who discovers the file with Katarina Rostova? OF course, it is Elizabeth. Instead of telling the others, she runs home to find Agnes safely in her bed, and with Katarina present as her babysitter.

The episode ends with them confronting one another.

There is one more part of the story running through the episode about Orion Relocation Services. That is the part in which Ilza Kozlov is interrogated in order to share what really happened with him, with Katarina, and with Raymond Reddington. Even though they use unconventional episodes, they still haven’t made him tell the biggest secrets of all, but he is getting close to sharing it.

Now it is time to get ready for the next episode of The Blacklist. I am watching these episodes on Netflix, as there are some countries in which you can stream the brand-new episodes of The Blacklist only a few days after they have aired at NBC in the United States. It is a great solution, as it helps you get quick access to the episodes, and it also lets you watch The Blacklist on Netflix for free without ads and other annoying stuff.

How do you like The Blacklist season 7 so far? I am really enjoying it, and I am happy to see that they are able to continue the fantastic season 6 in a brilliant way.

What’s coming next on The Blacklist?

Check the following short promo to get a glimpse of what will come up in the next episode, titled Katarina Rostova.

I can’t wait to watch it…

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