A SurfShark Speed Test [2018]

We are getting close to the end of 2018, but we have recently been doing a lot of speed tests of different VPN providers. If you haven’t seen the different tests and their results yet, make sure to check out all the posts in our VPN Speed Test category!

SurfShark is a VPN provider we know little about, but we have learned a lot about them in the last weeks. We are preparing a brand new SurfShark review that will be published in the start of 2019, but before that, we want to publish this little speed test to show what our first tests of the VPN provider was like.

If you have followed us in the IP Address Guide for a while, you should know that we do not like to write bad reviews and present bad test results. So far, all the VPN providers we have tested have presented good download speeds and we have been satisfied with almost everything.

But, when it came to our first tests of SurfShark, we had trouble being happy. During our test process, they for sure had some servers that gave us tremendous download speeds, but the problem was that they had way to many servers giving us lousy speeds. 

Surfshark VPN speed test
Surfshark VPN speed test

If you watch the test video above, you will in fact hear us saying that that was the second speed test we did of the product, simply because the first test was so lousy that we didn’t want to publish it. So, we tested again a bit later hoping that the poor results of our first test simply was a result of a temporary problem with SurfShark VPN. Things got a bit better for the second try, but still, we did not get the speeds we were hoping for.

Testing SurfShark VPN again three days later

It has been three days since we published the SurfShark speed test on YouTube, and we really wanted to give SurfShark one more try before publishing this article… So, we have just tested 5-6 servers to see if things have gotten better in the last three days, but still… in our short bonus test they had one servers giving us around 100 Mbps download speed (which is great), but the rest of the servers had trouble reaching 10 Mbps, and some of them didn’t even reach 1-2 Mbps.

In other words, at the moment SurfShark has a hard time convincing us about their speeds. They do have some great servers, but it is not good enough that you have to be lucky in order to find a server with decent speeds.

I hope SurfShark will fix this problem, and we will report back again with a brand new SurfShark review and new and updated speed test in the start of 2019.

Until then, Merry Christmas everyone! And, do not forget to check out all our other speed tests and VPN reviews here in the IP Address Guide.

2 thoughts on “A SurfShark Speed Test [2018]

  1. om says:

    Hmmm… this test seems to be incorrect. I already was surprised when I saw the results because I’m using Surfshark myself and it works better than most other VPN providers that I’ve tested. It was really fast even while having one of the lowest numbers of servers. It seems that the tester connected to the wrong speedtest server so the speed drop is major while in reality it’s not the speed you would be getting. I might do the test myself and upload the video on youtube cuz this is not so good.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Glad to have you share your very own experience! I have tested a couple of times (and neither of them was very successful), but I will do some new testing in the coming weeks and will post an update when I have some new results to present!

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