A PureVPN server speed test

PureVPN is one of the leading VPN providers and it is therefore important to see if their VPN servers have a good quality. Will a VPN connection to one of the PureVPN servers slow your Internet connection a lot?

We have tested quite a lot of PureVPN servers and done speed tests on those, and here you can see the results. Take a look at the video beneath from YouTube presenting the results, or keep on reading beneath the video.

a PureVPN speed test

PureVPN speed test results

Here are the results of the PureVPN speed test.

  • Download speed before connecting: 497 Mbps
  • Server in Germany: 66 Mbps
  • Server in Belgium: 37 Mbps
  • Server in Canada: 215 Mbps
  • Server in the USA: 105 Mbps
  • Server in the UK: 39 Mbps
  • Server in Norway: 18 Mbps
  • Server in Australia: 8.30 Mbps
  • Mexico: 230 Mbps

Those were the results. It is up to you to decide whether or not you find these results to be good, but based on our tests of other VPN providers, this is a bit above average results. The most important is that all their servers work well, and some of their servers give extraordinary results. And it is also important to know that a download speed of 37 Mbps might feel slow compared to the initial speed, but if you just want to surf safely, stream movies online, and maybe do some torrenting, it is still more than enough!

What is your experience with PureVPN like? If you want to visit their VPN, click the PureVPN button.


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