A SurfShark Speed Test [2018]

We are getting close to the end of 2018, but we have recently been doing a lot of speed tests of different VPN providers. If you haven’t seen the different tests and their results yet, make sure to check out all the posts in our VPN Speed Test category! SurfShark is a VPN provider we Read More

A PureVPN server speed test

PureVPN is one of the leading VPN providers and it is therefore important to see if their VPN servers have a good quality. Will a VPN connection to one of the PureVPN servers slow your Internet connection a lot? We have tested quite a lot of PureVPN servers and done speed tests on those, and Read More

A NordVPN Speed test

How fast are the NordVPN servers? Will a NordVPN connection slow your Internet connection down a whole lot? A few years ago, we could often experience how a 30 Mbps connection would be reduced to 1 or 2 Mbps connection after connecting to a VPN server somewhere. Have things gotten better with the years? Are Read More

An ExpressVPN speed test [December 2018]

ExpressVPN sounds like a fast VPN provider, but what are their download speeds like? We have done a speed test in December 2018 on quite some of their servers, and here are the results. Would you rather just read about the results? Keep on reading. But, if you want to see the actual tests that Read More

A test of the HideMyAss VPN download speeds

HideMyAss is the VPN provider with servers in most countries in the world. Currently they are present in more than 190 nations. But, what are their download speeds like? We have given HideMyAss a test! HideMyAss has servers in more than 190 nation, and they have a total of almost 1000 servers. For that reason, Read More