Amazon Prime just got much better!

Have you ever considered getting yourself an Amazon Prime subscription? Or are you staying with Netflix instead? Or maybe you are using HBO Now? With the latest improvement to Amazon Prime you might want to reconsider, because a recent update made Amazon Prime much better!

So, what is this recent update about? Have they added thousands of new films for Amazon Prime customers? Unfortunately not! Do I get free Kindle books every day as a Prime customer? Unfortunately not, you get only one free book per month, plus of course free books which are available all year around. So, what is this recent update then?

Amazon Prime

The newly implemented function made available to Amazon Prime customers is that you can now from Fire tablets, Fire Phones, Android and iOS tablet download available Prime movies and watch them offline. Maybe this does not sound like such a big improvement, but it truly is. Can you imagine the joy of this feature as you find a new film on Amazon Prime and you just click your screen and download it, and later you can bring it with you and watch it on the metro or while driving around in Sahara where there is no WiFi support or 3G network for you to use. This has been a feature people have wanted for Netflix for a long time, but that seems far away at the moment, but as a Prime user you can now start downloading videos made available to Prime members and watch them offline.

This function is only available for Prime videos and shows, so you can not use the download function for normal Amazon Instant Videos.

Doesn’t that sound cool? If you want to try Amazon Prime then just visit and check it out! What do you think? Will this bring new customers to Amazon Prime and maybe make some people leave Netflix? After all Amazon Prime has a good relationship with HBO, meaning that lots of HBO series can be seen on Amazon Prime, but not on Netflix. But, still you will have to wait a long time before new seasons are made available on Amazon Prime, just like on Amazon, so if you want to watch the newest episodes of your favorite show then you will either have to use HBO Now, Hulu or maybe watch those new episodes as Amazon Instant Videos.

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