A NordVPN Speed Test [2020] – All the results you need!

What can you expect if you purchase a NordVPN subscription? Should you expect this to be a VPN provider that will let you surf with great speeds, or will connecting to one of their VPN servers slow down your online movements, and make streaming, downloading, and surfing in general a nightmare?

Lots of people purchase a VPN subscription, and later they ask themselves: Why is my VPN slowing down my Internet connection? Is it something wrong with the VPN? Well, it is for sure true that lots of VPN providers are capable of slowing down your download speeds, and that can feel quite frustrating.

But, what is the truth about NordVPN? This is one of the most popular and leading VPN providers on the market, they are featured in lots of blogs and on several websites, and they are even one of the sponsors of Liverpool FC. Should you be worried about NordVPN?

Here you can see the results of our most recent NordVPN speed tests, giving you up to date information about what you can expect if you decide to purchase a NordVPN subscription.

Before you take a look at the results:
These are the results of our test. We cannot guarantee you the same results, as results might vary based on time of the day, which server you are connected to. These results do, however, give a very fair look at the results of the provider, and we believe they should give you a good feeling of what the reality is. It is also important to notice that a lot deals with your initial download speeds as well. So, if you have a slow connection (giving you 3 Mbps download speed by default), you will never see the download speeds using NordVPN like us in the tests below.

Our most recent NordVPN speed test (February 2020)

Here you can see the results of our most recent NordVPN speed test. We connected to random servers, and just pressed the country name. This should, by default, connect us to one of the best possible servers in that very moment, so hopefully, it will reflect the speeds of their best servers.


CountryDownload speed
United States113 Mbps
Germany103 Mbps
UK106 Mbps
Canada114 Mbps
Brazil78 Mbps
India103 Mbps
Netherlands107 MBps
Australia110 Mbps

Now, if you take a look at the results above, the most important number is actually our initial speed. And if you take a look at it, and then study the numbers once more, you will see that the NordVPN download speeds are almost identical to the initial speed. What does that tell me?

NordVPN doesn’t slow down my Internet connection at all. In fact, I believe my Internet connection is what limited the results of the NordVPN download speeds. What do I mean? Often, I get download speeds of 500 Mbps in the office. But, during the day of the NordVPN test in February 2020, things were slower, and the download speed was only 121 Mbps. But, if I did the test once again at a better time, I wouldn’t be surprised to see download speeds above 200 Mbps or more with NordVPN.

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A recording of the NordVPN speed test

Would you like to see how the speed test was actually made? Take a look at the following video to see a recording of the actual NordVPN speed test on YouTube.

Is NordVPN one of the fastest VPN providers on the market?

Based on the results above, I would clearly say yes. These are all blazing speeds and do not forget, to stream an HD movie on Netflix, you only need 3 Mbps as your download speed. If you want to do torrenting and other online activities, it is useful with higher speeds, and to stream and Ultra HD 4k movie online, you need 25 Mbps. But, you can do this and so much more with NordVPN, so I wouldn’t be worried if I considered purchasing a subscription to their services.

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Results of earlier NordVPN speed tests

We are also recording all our earlier results here, making sure that you can see how the speeds develop, progress, and move ahead in time.

January 2020 NordVPN speed test

Here you can see the results of a NordVPN speed test we made in January 2020.

Our initial download speed before using NordVPN was 466 Mbps.

CountryDownload speed
Hungary256 Mbps
Argentina0,86/3 Mbps
Australia197 Mbps
Canada234 Mbps
Germany49 Mbps
UK229 Mbps
USA179 Mbps

The recording of this speed test can be found here.

December 2018 NordVPN Speed test

The basics of the test were that we had a download speed of about 400 Mbps. 

CountryDownload speed
Austria180 Mbps
Belgium170 Mbps
USA65 Mbps
UK120 Mbps
Double VPN (Netherlands+UK)25 Mbps
Sweden105 Mbps

Do you have a NordVPN speed issue or experience that you would like to share? Or have you got a question? We would love to hear from you. Use the comment field beneath and let us know what is on your heart!

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