NBC is doing a great job with the second season of Manifest

Manifest came as a breath of fresh air in 2018 with its release. It reminded me of Lost, and at the same time, it was kind of supernatural and interesting. But, I didn’t have big expectations for the second season. For some reason, I didn’t expect the creators to keep up the pace and the excitement of the first season in the second.

The first season came with lots of surprises and interesting events taking place. But, for some reason, I never felt that attracted to the second season. How come? For some reason (I guess it is called experience), I didn’t have much faith in the fact that they could keep bringing more excitement and interesting turns to the story in the second season. But, now two months have passed since the premiere (and that is 7 episodes in total) and I have got to say that I am actually impressed.

Manifest season 2 review

Manifest isn’t my favorite series out there, but still, I do look forward to the new episodes. They have managed to keep those callings coming in a way that makes it all interesting, and the most recent episode might bring a big turn to the entire plot and the suffering caused by the “believers.”

As a result, I can warmly recommend the second season of Manifest to everyone. I am still very curious to see where this will all end, but unfortunately, I do not see NBC bringing this series to an end anytime soon, meaning that we will see lots of episodes and probably seasons before we will ever get to know what is really going on and what really happened on that plane.

However, to be honest, I doubt that we will ever find out. After all, with the human mind, it is impossible to explain. So, either it will be a totally crazy explanation, or it will be a “Lost” explanation, meaning that it is all a dream, and they are all really dead, and nothing of what we see has ever really happened. Considering all of this, it might be better if they never really finish the show, because I do believe that the ending will turn into a giant disappointment if we ever get there.

Would you like to watch Manifest online? You can stream the brand new episodes on the NBC website. Do you want to learn more about how you can stream NBC abroad? Click the link to find out.

It is also possible to watch Manifest on Hulu, and you can learn more about how to stream Hulu abroad right here.

Have you watched Manifest season 2 and its episodes? How do you like the new season? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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