Atlas VPN Speed Test [Testing the download speeds provided by Atlas VPN!]

Atlas VPN is a VPN provider getting more and more popular. It is very cheap, especially if you purchase a plan valid for two or three years. But, will you sit back and feel sorry if you purchase a subscription, or will you be happy and have no regrets at all? Of course, they have a 30-day full refund policy, meaning that you have plenty of time to regret after purchasing a subscription as well, but let us save you some time and let you know what you can expect from AtlasVPN if you decide to buy a subscription to their VPN service.

atlas vpn speed test download mbps

In all our speed tests we connect to servers all across the world, and we also test our initial download speed before connecting to any of the servers of the VPN provider. That gives us a chance to compare the final results and show whether or not the VPN is causing a big slow-down for the Internet connection or not.

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Atlas VPN Speed Test 2022

Here you can see the results and the recording of our Atlas VPN speed test performed in July 2022.

If you don’t want to watch the five-minute clip, here you can see a summary of the results from the Atlas VPN speed test.

Initial Speed93 Mbps
Switzerland92 Mbps
United States28 Mbps
Canada30 Mbps
Hungary91 Mbps
United Kingdom90 Mbps
Japan30 Mbps
Australia40 Mbps

Are these good results? Should you use Atlas VPN?

If you want to use a VPN that will give you great download speeds and keep you anonymous while surfing, Atlas VPN is awesome. As you connect to servers close to your actual location you will surf with almost identical speed, meaning that it will not impact your surfing experience in any way.

If you connect to servers further away you might experience some delay compared to your original speed, but seeing that the slowest server gave us 28 Mbps there is really no need to worry. With such a speed you can still stream 4K content on Netflix and enjoy all sorts of streaming, surfing, and gaming online.

We hope you have enjoyed this AtlasVPN speed test summary. Have you used the service yourself? Did you enjoy it? Are you a fan of Atlas VPN or do you have some other VPN that you prefer? Write a comment and let us hear from you!

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