Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

We all love Neil Patrick Harris in his role as Barney in How I Met Your Mother, and people in general agree that he was a perfect Academy Awards host in 2015. But, what is he like as a talk show host? You can now watch Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris on NBC!

Best Time Ever on NBC
Neil Patrick Harris in his new talk-show Best Time Ever… watch it live online on NBC or on Huli.

On September 15th the first Best Time Ever show with Neil Patrick Harris was aired on NBC in the USA and he got lots of help from Reese Witherspoon who introduced all the new guests and commented the things taking place during the first evening. It was a spectacular show with competitions, good jokes and celebrity guests.

In the second Best Time Ever show with Neil Patrick Harris Alec Baldwin and Britney Spears were some of the guests of honor and you can watch both the opening show and the second show online already at the NBC website.

Is it worth watching? There were some quite good jokes in the first show, but we have not seen the second yet, but there was something good about the first one, so it is very likely that we will go ahead and watch the second show as well.

Best Time Ever is just one out of lots of good shows on NBC this autumn, and soon the new season with Blacklist is coming back, and Blindspot is a brand new show that seems to be very interesting so we will write more about that later if we get the chance to see it.

Check it all out on NBC online or watch it on Hulu where you can not only see content from NBC, but also from other big cable networks in the United States.

For information on watching such content online, read the linked article and get started watching NBC and Hulu online from outside the USA within a few minutes.

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