Best way to get a Czech IP address [2019 version]

Would you like to get yourself an IP address in the Czech Republic? The capital of the nation is Prague, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Maybe you have fallen in love with both the city and the nation, and now you would like to virtually stay in the Czech Republic for a while.

To virtually stay in the Czech Republic, in other words getting an IP address in the Czech Republic, you will need to sign up for the VPN services of PureVPN. They have servers in the Czech Republic which you can connect to easily, and once connected you will get yourself a Czech IP address. And with such an IP address online content that has earlier been blocked or limited, will be opened up to you and again the Internet is free to enjoy for you completely, no matter where you are located in the world at the moment.


Click the PureVPN button above to sign up to their VPN services and to make yourself ready for some fun and to watch Ceska Televizie and other content online. Once you have signed up, do not forget to download the VPN client. You can then open it and connect to a server in the Czech Republic. You will then have a Czech IP address, and you are ready to surf encrypted with a Czech IP address and to bypass geo-blocks if that is your goal.

No worries with PureVPN

CZech IP address

PureVPN has a very nice refund policy as well, so if you should find yourself unsatisfied after trying the service and product for some days you can just ask for your money back, and you will get your refund.

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A world of opportunities just opened up in front of you!

The title might sound incredible, but it is kind of true. If you have signed up for PureVPN, and connected to one of their servers in the Czech Republic, you now have a Czech IP address and you are able to bypass geo-blocks and stream fantastic content online in the Czech Republic. But, why limit the fun to the Czech Republic?

If you use PureVPN, you will quickly notice that there is something called Streaming Mode inside their VPN application (which can be downloaded to iOS devices, Android devices, Android TVs, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Windows computers, Macintosh and more). There you will find more than 100 channels listed, and if you want to watch BBC in England, press the BBC text. This will automatically connect you to a PureVPN server in England that works with BBC, and you will be ready to stream BBC abroad a few seconds later.

In the same way you can choose Netflix, and you will be connected to a server int he USA which will give you access to all the content available on American Netflix. Or you can select SonyLIV in India, a channel that will let you stream Champions League football online for free (and so much more). In other words, there are lots of opportunities waiting for you, so go ahead and have fun exploring the joys and possibilities given to you by your PureVPN subscription.

If you have questions about the Charles Bridge in Prague or the Astronomical clock at the Old Town Square, you can, of course, write your question here, but we will probably not be able to answer it, at least if the answer to your question can not be found easily in Wikipedia!

Good luck, and enjoy surfing the Internet as a virtual Czech!

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