How can I watch the Winter Olympics on DasErste and ZDF from outside Germany?

Watch Winter Olympics on ZDf and DasErsteARD and ZDF will broadcast from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and following both channels you can see all the important events that will take place during the Olympics. They have shared the events between each other in a fair way, meaning that you will probably need to watch both channels.

The most important event in the start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi will be the opening ceremony. That will be broadcasted live on the ZDF website, so if you want to watch it online, get yourself a German IP address and get ready to watch it live on ZDF from the entire world. The broadcast starts just after 16.00 on February 7th. The live stream from ZDF where you can watch the Opening ceremony can be found here. If you try to watch it without a German IP address you will get an error message, and the solution is therefore to get yourself a local IP address to watch the broadcast.

To do so, visit the HideMyAss website and get yourself a German IP address. It only takes a few minutes to sing up and to connect to a VPN server in Germany, and once you have that done you are ready to watch ZDF and DasErste live streams from outside Germany.


Just press the button above and make a subscription, and you are ready to watch the Winter Olympics on DasErste and ZDF within seconds. It is just as easy as it sounds!

If you want more information about watching the Winter Olympics online, read our Watching the Winter Olympics online article.

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