Time for the Winter Olympics in Sochi

Winter Olympics onlineThe time for the Winter Olympics in Sochi is here! In a few hours it will be February 6th and that means that the first contestants will enter the fire already then. The official opening of the Winter Games in Sochi will be February 7th, and that is also the day of the opening ceremony.

Then, on February 8th the big competitions will take place and the first gold medals will be handed out already ten.

Here in the IP Address Guide we look forward to the Olympics, not only because we are interested in winter sports, but because this will probably turn out to be the sports event that will bring most users to their computers ever to watch live from the Olympics online. That is why we have written several articles on the topic of watching the Winter Olympics online, so that you, wherever you are in the world, can watch live from Sochi online in the language you prefer.

If you want to get ready for the opening ceremony on February 7th, then we have written an article on the topic of how you can watch that in the best possible way online.


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