The best way to watch Euro 2016 in USA!

Watch Euro 2016 in USA
The best way to watch Euro 2016 in USA

Euro 2016 is getting closer and in about 15 days it is time for kick-off in Paris. But, which is the best way for football freaks in the United States to watch the event?

Luckily for people in USA there is a company that will broadcast Euro 2016 in USA and that is ESPN. Unfortunately you can only watch their live streams online if you actually have a cable subscription with ESPN included, but there are some other solutions that can help you out in this situation so that you can watch Euro 2016 in USA. Here we will describe some of them so that you can easily tune in and watch Euro 2016 in the United States, both online and on your television.

Watch Euro 2016 online in the United States

Watch Euro 2016 on British TV

To watch the European Championship online in the United States there are two different methods we will suggest. The first option which we believe to be the very best is to use a VPN to get yourself a UK IP address and at once you will be able to watch the live streams from Euro 2016 online at ITV and BBC in the United Kingdom.


To get yourself such a UK IP address we recommend that you use PureVPN which is one of the cheapest and best VPN providers on the market, with a seven day full refund policy available. Simply visit their website and sign up. Once you are ready you can get their app to your device and connect to a server in England and you are ready to go and ready to watch Euro 2016. For more detailed instructions on how this is done on Android and on iOS systems, press the links.

Watch Euro 2016 on ESPN without a subscription

There is a way in which you can watch Euro 2016 on ESPN in the States without an active cable subscription and that is signing up for You can read more about watching online in this article, but this is a good option if you want to watch the event on US TV and not on UK TV. Notice that the Sling subscription with ESPN cost way more than a VPN subscription, so if you want to go for the cheapest solution the first option is better.

Watch Euro 2016 on TV in the USA

If you want to watch Euro 2016 on a TV and not on some computer or a mobile device, then there are a few things you can do. You can get yourself an Apple TV, connect it to your TV and follow these instructions. Or you can get an ESPN subscription included in your cable subscription. That might be the easiest, but probably the most expensive of all options described.

If you are ready to for watching the football matches together with other people then go out and find a sports bar in your neighborhood where they will show the event and watch it there instead.

Now you should be ready to watch and cheer

These were some ways telling you how to watch Euro 2016 in the United States. If you have questions related to whatever we have written in this article or maybe a comment, just use the comment field beneath.

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