Coming to NBC this autumn

NBC is one of the best networks for television and the broadcasters of The Voice, Chicago Med/Fire, Heroes Reborn, The Blacklist and Blindspot. This autumn they will add three more TV series!

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Timeless coming to NBC

Coming soon to NBC

Here we will give you a short presentation of the new TV series that will come to NBC the autumn of 2016.

The Good Place

While most of the new shows coming to CBS in the autumn of 2016 are comedies, this is the only pure comedy that will be added to NBC in the autumn of 2016. In this we meet Kristen Bell, a lady who unfortunately died, but who has ended up in the good place because of her good deeds during life where she worked as a lawyer. This all sounds promising, but there is one error… Kristen Bell wasn’t a lawyer and she did not do the good works she was sent to The Good Place for. She has been mixed up with someone. What will happen now? This might become a success, or it will be sweeter than sugar and leave our screens within shortly. What do you think?


Timeless is NBCs answer to 11.22.63 on Hulu. It is not entirely similar, but it is a kind of an action TV series telling us the story about a group of three people who have to travel back in time to stop another bad guy who has traveled back in time to change history, for the worse. Timeless has brought in some of the best and most popular producers in the state, so the crew behind The Blacklist is also involved in the creation of Timeless. This looks promising and maybe this will also give its viewers an excuse to look up some historical facts on Wikipedia, so maybe it watching it can be an excuse to learn more about history!

This is us

This is a story telling the stories of people. This is some sort of a daily life TV series giving us insight into the lives of some normal people with very different backgrounds and very different struggles. This is not an action series and it is not a comedy, but more of a drama that will let you draw near to personalities that you might share destiny with and you might in fact be both inspired and challenged by the characters you will meet in This Is Us on NBC.


It will be interesting to see which of these shows will become great success like Blindspot in 2015, and just as interesting to see which of these shows will follow in the footsteps of The Player and be taken of the screens quickly because of lack of viewers. Time will show. What do you think? Are you looking forward to any of these TV series?

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