Big VPN discounts coming up

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas is approaching and this is not just a period sellers to earn a lot of money, it is also a time when we as buyers can save a lot of money. Most of these discounts start this upcoming Friday, on Black Friday.

Based on experience this is not just valid for bigger shops and stores, but if you plan on buying a VPN subscription, or maybe extending your current subscription, then you should wait for a few more days, because on Black Friday and in the days following most VPN providers will offer you big discounts on all their packages.

We can of course not guarantee this, but based on experience a provider like HideMyAss normally change the prices of their 12 month packages from 80 USD to about 50 or 60 USD. A provider like IPVanish normally do the same, while PureVPN might offer some discount, but since their prices are already very discounted (between 45USD and 50 USD per year), we are not sure whether they will be able to offer further discount to their already continually discounted price.

If you look for more Black Friday deals then just surf the web and visit stores such as, because such big warehouses offer giant sales on lots of products.


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