Now you can watch Homeland on Hulu

Hulu and Twentieth Century Fox just made a deal that gives Hulu subscribers access to the fantastic TV series named Homeland. Watch Homeland on Hulu from August 1st.

We all know that the first day of the month is like Christmas to people with a subscription to a streaming service. This is not only true for Hulu, but in the same way Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Now adds quite a lot of new films on the first day of every month. It should of course be mentioned that they also remove quite a lot of films on the first day of every month.

In August 2016 Hulu got Star Trek films and quite a lot of other stuff, but the biggest victory was probably the adding of the first four seasons of Homeland. It was earlier available for people with a plus subscription (Showtime), but from August 1st it is available to anyone with a Hulu subscription.

now you can watch Homeland on Hulu

About Homeland on Hulu

Homeland is a TV series produced by Fox 21 Television Studios. They started in 2011 and the TV series has since then been awarded with several awards, including Emmy Awards. It has also been nominated for the Emmy Awards in 2016, so get prepared for this years Emmy Awards as you watch the first four seasons of Homeland on Hulu.

If you first have a Hulu subscription you can also use it to watch Blindspot, Grey’s Anatomy, Casual, The Mindy Project and lots of other famous TV series online. For 8 USD a month you get access to all these and tons of other TV series and films. For 12 USD a month you can watch all these, and you won’t even be annoyed with commercials at all.

For more information on how you can access Hulu from abroad, read the article we wrote on watching Hulu online a few years back.

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