Can I pay for Disney+ with my Amazon account?

DIsney+ is up and running and it is everywhere. People are going crazy about the new streaming service, and I have a feeling that the Disney staff is really happy about the reception of their brand new streaming service, and especially the awesome critics of The Mandalorian. But, if you are still lacking a Disney+ subscription, can you buy one using your Amazon account?

Disney Plus is up and running on my Fire TV
Disney Plus is up and running on my Fire TV

It is fully possible to watch Disney+ on your Fire TV device, and actually, I am watching Captain Marvel right now (in the background) while writing this article on my Fire TV (Stick). It is really easy and it looks stunning. If you want to know more about how to watch Disney+ abroad, or maybe which VPN to use with the Fire TV stick, click the link.

But, if you have a Fire TV stick or just an Amazon account, can you pay and sign up for Disney+ using that? The answer to that question is YES! It is possible to pay for the Disney+ subscription using your Amazon account and your Amazon balance. To get this working, make sure to have the VPN services of ExpressVPN up and running on your Amazon device.

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Currently, the San Francisco server seems to be the best, but this might change in the future. So, connect to this server and install the Disney Plus application on your Amazon device. After you have installed the application, open the application and create a new account. In the end, when it comes to the payment time, you will have to confirm the purchase by typing your Amazon password. The job is then done and you are ready to start your seven-day free trial of Disney Plus. Once the free trial period comes to an end, you will start paying 6,95 USD per month which will be withdrawn from your Amazon account.

It wasn’t that hard, was it? If you need some help along the way or if you have a question, write it here and I will do my best to help you out!

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