Can I use a SafePal hardware wallet to create StrongBlock nodes?

Would you like to be a part of the “node-revolution” that the cryptocurrency project StrongBlock has started? Would you like to create Ethereum nodes, Sentinel nodes, or maybe Matic nodes? Or who knows which other platforms will be added to the platform in the future? How can you secure your nodes? The best way to secure them is by using a hardware wallet to guard your funds. Maybe you have read about the Trezor wallet that can help you. But, what about SafePal? Can you create StrongBlock nodes, mine with your Strong tokens, and do other things on the StrongBlock website using a SafePal wallet?

For a long time, you had to have a MetaMask wallet in order to communicate with the StrongBlock website. Since SafePal isn’t supported by MetaMask yet, it has been impossible to use the SafePal at the StrongBlock website. But, now StrongBlock has added support for a second option, the WalletConnect option. And with the support for WalletConnect, you can also create StrongBlock nodes and earn passive income with your SafePal device.

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But, how can you use SafePal to create StrongBlock nodes and to maneuver the StrongBlock website? It is easy!

safepal strongblock

How to use SafePal with the StrongBlock application

The first thing you have to do is to have the SafePal application installed on your cell phone (and set up with your SafePal hardware wallet).

  • When this is done, go to the StrongBlock website at
  • Select the APP link in the upper right corner.
strongblock safepal
  • Now it is time to click the Connect Wallet text and then select WalletConnect.
walletconnect strongblock
  • Scan the QR code showing up after clicking WalletConnect using the QR code scanner within the SafePal application on your mobile device.
  • Confirm that the StrongBlock application can use the SafePal wallet address information by clicking Agree.
  • Scan the QR code on your cell phone with your SafePal device, type in your PIN code, then scan the SafePal QR codes with your cell phone.
  • Your SafePal wallet is now connected to the StrongBlock website and you can maneuver the StrongBlock website, create nodes, mine with Strong tokens, and so much more!
qr code strongblock

That’s it! You are now ready to create StrongBlock nodes and do other actions on the StrongBlock website while storing your tokens and funds in your SafePal wallet.

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I hope these instructions have helped you. If you have any further comments or questions, please use the comment field below.

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