Which hardware wallet should I use for the Avalanche blockchain?

Would you like to do transactions on the Avalanche blockchain? Or maybe you would like to stake AVAX tokens and run an AVAX validator? Which hardware wallet should you choose? Is SafePal, Trezor, or maybe a Ledger the best option? In this article, I will give you my thoughts on the topic! A few months Read More

Is a VPN recommended to people working with cryptocurrencies? Does it improve security?

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Can I use a SafePal hardware wallet to create StrongBlock nodes?

Would you like to be a part of the “node-revolution” that the cryptocurrency project StrongBlock has started? Would you like to create Ethereum nodes, Sentinel nodes, or maybe Matic nodes? Or who knows which other platforms will be added to the platform in the future? How can you secure your nodes? The best way to Read More

The coolest Christmas present in 2021 – For a richer future!

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I have tested SafePal – Is it worth the money?

If you own any Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other cryptocurrency, then you have most likely heard about the importance of protecting your digital money. You can keep them in a cryptocurrency-exchange, but your funds are only 100% safe if you store them yourself. For years, the most popular cold wallets have been Ledger and Trezor. Read More