Can I use my German Amazon Fire TV Stick in the USA?

German Fire StickIf you buy your Amazon Fire TV Stick in Germany in the German Amazon shop, can it then be used in the USA?

The answer is yes! You can of course use it in the USA as well, but be aware of the fact that you can only enjoy for example Amazon Prime if you actually have an Amazon Prime membership in the USA. And for Amazon Instant Videos to work you will need to have an American address connected to your account, and this needs to be active as your current location.

Except from that you can watch Netflix and so on, but be aware of the fact that if you have lived in Germany so far and then go to the United States you will no longer be able to watch German Netflix, but you will start seeing what is available at Netflix in the United States, as you have an American IP address and you are no longer able to see German Netflix, even if you are supposed to have a German Netflix subscription.

If you still want to enjoy your German Prime subscription and maybe buy Instant Videos from German and watch German Netflix you will need to get yourself a German IP address, and then it will be working. For the purpose of getting a German IP address we recommend using HideMyAss, a brilliant VPN provider with lots of servers and good speeds in Germany.

As you want to make this work you will need to setup your router manually to make all traffic done online to go through the VPN tunnel to Germany, something that may slow things down a bit, but it should still work great. If you want to know more about setting up your router using a VPN connection, read the following article.

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