Can I watch 12 Years a Slave on Netflix?

12 Years a Slave was the award winning film from 2013 portraying the life of a wealthy guy whose life was suddenly turned upside down as he was sold as a slave. He is a hard working guy and does his best also in slavery, but he has of course a hope that one day he will be able to return home.

12 Years a Slave is a heartbreaking story and a very well written piece, a typical Oscar story, and it was no surprise that is also actually got an Oscar. But, can you watch this Award winning film on Netflix?

12 years a Slave

Yes, you can! 12 Years a Slave was added to Netflix in January 2016 and even though you can not watch it in all different Netflix regions then you can currently watch it on Netflix in South Korea and Netflix in Japan. But, what if you are located somewhere else? What can be done then?

It is very easy to change your Netflix region and you can find very detailed instructions on how it is done in the following article on Following some easy instructions you can start watching Netflix in almost all Netflix regions with only one single Netflix subscription, so have fun and do not forget to read that article.

Because, to watch Netflix in Japan you will need a Japanese IP address, and if you have a Japanese IP address and visit then you will immediately get access to all content available on Netflix in Japan, including 12 Years a Slave. Doesn’t that sound great? Go ahead and try it and please write a comment if you should have any problems or have any questions related to watching Netflix in this way and changing your Netflix region.

In 12 Years a Slave you can watch actors such as Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbach and Chiwetel Ejiofor.


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