Netflix in 130 new nations

We do like Netflix and we do like to write articles about Netflix and that is why we of course have to mention that Netflix just expanded into 130 new nations, meaning that Netflix at the moment is available in a little bit less than 200 nations. That is awesome!

netflix all around the earthFor Internet users that means that one of the most annoying message of all times on the Internet will be made history, the message telling you that this service is not available in your nation yet, and the message that you can give your email address to receive a notification when Netflix turns available in your nation. As of January 6th that message can almost never be seen anymore, and wherever you go in the world (with a few exceptions) you can visit and start watching!

Of course there are not so many movies and TV series available in all the new nations yet, but they will for sure increase and grow rapidly. In addition lots of the new nations suffer from lack of subtitles and audio in local languages, but if you are a person who has no problem reading or listening to English in TV series and in films, then you will have no problem watching and enjoying Netflix in the nation that you are currently in.

This new change will probably lead to fewer people visiting our IP Address Guide as well, because we have had quite a lot of viewers coming to find out how they could watch Netflix when they visit a nation in which Netflix is unavailable. That will in 98% of all cases not be a problem anymore, so bye bye to everyone who visited our site for that reason. But, we will soon present a new article that we believe will be just as important and popular, and that will be the article presenting to you and telling you how you can watch Netflix in different regions from the same nation. In other words, we will write an article telling you how you can watch Irish Netflix and US Netflix and German Netflix while currently sitting on the beach in Barcelona in Spain. Because that is possible! If you do not have the patience to wait for our article, then you can read more about it here, but we advise you to have some patience, because in a few days we will have a long and thorough guide presented on that subject!

Until then all the best and congratulations to Netflix on the expansion!

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