Dr. Lewis Powell – The latest episode of The Blacklist

A new week has passed by, and I have streamed one more episode of The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix. The NBC series is one of my favorite series nowadays, and even though it is running in season 7, I still find great joy in watching the events and see the story unfold.

Katarina Rostva - we didn't see her much in the episode named Dr. Lewis Powell.
Katarina Rostva – we didn’t see her much in the episode named Dr. Lewis Powell.

The sixth episode of season 7 was titled Dr. Lewis Powell, and this is one of the very few examples of an episode about a blindlister that we barely see throughout the episode. It all starts with a well-known scientist who publishes a video online, and he is later shot by the police as they do expect him to be a terrorist with a bomb-in-hand. However, someone has used technology to make a fake video, and Raymond also shows examples of other times in which the same thing has happened. Why would someone do this? As the agents start to do some research, they end up meeting Dr. Lewis Powell in the end… only to discover that he is dead and that a computer he programmed and made has taken control over it all. To stop the development of AI, he is killing everyone who is working on it to make sure that the research is stopped with many years.

And yes, that is the main storyline of the sixth episode of The Blacklist season 7.

But, there is more to it – what’s up with Francesca?

Do you remember the nurse who helped Raymond Reddington in the first two episode, Francesca? She helped him later in one more episode, and now she is in for one more treat. Raymond wants to employ here, but at the same time she is threatened by Rostova to help her catch Raymond. She is forced to help Katarina and does so. But, in the end, it was all a test from Raymond who wanted to test her loyalty. She failed the test, and as you probably have guessed, she ended up dead in the end.

We are also introduced to a new agent who is taking the place of Samar. At the start, Aram doesn’t really enjoy the presence of the new agent named Park, but as the episode comes to an end, they seem to make good friends.

Aram is also developing his friendship with the crazy woman, and she is obsessed with making out in dangerous and illegal places, and that makes Aram quite uncomfortable. But, in the end, he seems to make a decision in favor of the girl.

The last episode ended with Aram getting a note about a contact person that could lead them to Katarina. The only thing is, he never really checked the note, and we don’t see nor hear anything about it in this episode.

Hannah Hayes – The Blacklist season 7 episode 7

The upcoming episode is called Hannah Hayes. We don’t know much about it yet, but it looks as if we will finally see some action between Raymond and Katarina (once again). Maybe it will involve Elizabeth Keen as well, but I am not completely sure yet. You can see the short promo right here.

If you want to know more about how you can watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix, click the link!

Did you enjoy the episode named Dr. Lewis Powell? I have mixed feelings about it, but in general, I would say that I had a very good time watching it. What about you?

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