FIFA World Cup on TV in Spain and Italy – Who will broadcast? How to watch?

The FIFA World Cup in 2018 will be a magnificent event. Unfortunately, the Italians will not be present at the stadiums to play, but they will sit at home watching instead. But, who will broadcast the FIFA World Cup on TV in Spain and Italy?

We have some great news to football fans in Spain and Italy. In both nations, all matches will be broadcasted by national TV stations offering their TV streams available for free online. In earlier years, and during other big competitions, pay-TV channels have taken part in the broadcasting part, making it hard for the people of Spain and Italy to watch the events on TV and online. But, this time it is different.

fifa world cup spain and italy

FIFA World Cup in Italy

The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be aired by Mediaset, the big media company owned by Silvio Berlusconi. In earlier years, RAI has broadcasted the FIFA World Cup, but this will be a big step for Mediaset as they have gotten their hands on this competition.

All matches will be aired on three different Mediaset channels, Italia 1, Canale 5 and Rede 4. These channels can be streamed for free on the Mediaset website. But, if you try to stream them outside Italy you will get an error message saying that it can’t be done. The solution is to get an Italian IP address, which again will let you watch all the Mediaset channels for free online, all across the world.

Enjoy watching the FIFA World Cup in Italy!

Fifa World Cup in Spain

Mediaset has the rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Spain as well. That means, all the people of Spain can watch the matches for free online and on their TV’s at home. The channels that will broadcast the matches are Cuatro and Telecinco. These have free online streams available, so as long as you reside in Spain, you can easily watch the matches online on these channels. If you live outside Spain, you will need a Spanish IP address to watch the FIFA World Cup on Cuatro and Telecinco.

These are great news for the people of Spain and Italy. And, do not forget to be well prepared, as one of the most interesting matches in the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be played between Spain and Portugal already on the second day of the tournament.

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