Firewall: Zero Hour just got better (patch 1.26)

Before Christmas, I asked the Steemit community whether the Playstation VR/3D package is worth the money. I never received any feedback so I decided to find the truth myself. As a result, I got the VR package for Christmas and I have tested quite a lot of games since then. But, there is only one game that makes me turn on my Playstation and get my VR glasses ready nowadays… Firewall: Zero Hour.

If you have checked YouTube videos in which they recommend VR games for Playstation, you will never find a video that leaves Firewall Zero Hour out from the list. You might find it, but that is because it just speaks about the best arrivals in 2019 (and considering that Firewall Zero Hour was released in 2018, it cannot be found on the list). But, if you see an honest list presenting the best VR games from Playstation, you will for sure find Firewall Zero Hour on the list.

Firewall Zero Hour, the best game for those with the Playstation VR kit
Firewall Zero Hour, the best game for those with the Playstation VR kit

Problems with the Firewall

Unfortunately, there are some bugs and trouble with Firewall Zero Hour, and that is why the creators are working with passion to fix them. One of the biggest problems have been the lobby waiting time, the place where you have to wait for enough players to join before a match can start. On Reddit, I have seen people complaining about waiting for 30 minutes (or more) to get one single match started, and that is something we cannot accept in today’s busy world. Another problem is the fact that a game is terminated if the host leaves the game (the person who first join the game you are in).

With the most recent patches (the most recent being the 1.26 patch) nothing has fixed the host problem, but based on my personal experience, I would definitely say that the waiting time has become way better.

Easier to find players and actually play Firewall after patch 1.26

My personal experience tells me that it goes way faster after the 1.26 patch to start a game and to find players to play with. I have tested this 3-4 times the last week and at very different times of the day. Whenever I have joined, I have sometimes jumped straight into a match and started to play at once, but in the worst case scenario I had to wait for 5-7 minutes. While waiting, I wrote some blog posts and had a good time, but I then had to interrupt my blogging as I noticed that a new match was about to start.

I have used this both in the tutorial and in the contract section, and no matter which one I have chosen, I have always been able to join in an actual match within 5-7 minutes (often quicker). I know it can feel frustrating to wait even 5 minutes for a match to start, but that is often the price you have to pay to have as fun online as you can have with Firewall Zero Hour.

It is also worth noticing that once you really get started, you can often play lots of games with the same team for hours and hours, because once you first get it going, it is extremely addictive and hard to leave. Unfortunately, that is why I often feel so tired when I wake up in the morning.

My conclusion about Firewall: Zero Hour patch 1.26

Not only does it make the game better, but it also comes with a much nicer interface (this came with one of the earlier patches in fact). As a result, Firewall: Zero Hour looks much nicer as you wait in the lobby and look around in the menu system.

The in-game play has also become better, and even though I find it to be a bit harder to beat the computer enemies in the training mode, that doesn’t necessarily have to be considered negative.

I guess I should stop writing and get back to playing some more Firewall… and yes, I have some more Firewall articles coming up within shortly, because I am still playing with my normal Playstation controller and that isn’t the best. So, I will soon get myself an Aim Controller and I will then return with more information, comparing the normal controller with the Aim Controller and much more.

How do you like Firewall: Zero Hour? Are you happy about the latest patch and what it has done to the game?

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    • Thomas Stein says:

      Yeah, kind of lame… I know 🙂 I will buy the Aim Controller within a couple of days, so really look forward to that. But, I can also testify about the fact that Firewall Zero Hour actually is enjoyable with the Dual Shock as well…

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