First impressions of NOW TV

We have not been using NOW TV for a long time, but still based on our first days we have got some first impressions of NOW TV that we would like to share with. NOW TV is something that can be called Sky’s answer to services such as HBO Now, Netflix and Amazon Prime, but in a way it is much bigger and wider due to the fact that it actually also has live content which is the same as shown on Sky in the UK.

So, how do we like NOW TV after using it for some days? Is it worth subscribing to their services? Before continuing it is worth knowing that NOW TV can not entirely be compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO NOW, because it is different. Sky has so much content and due to this fact you can manage three different subscriptions on their page. You can go for the NOW TV Movies package, the NOW TV Entertainment package and the NOW TV Sports package. You can of course enjoy all three of them, but they have been so nice to make it cheaper with three packages, so that you actually only pay for what you are interested in.

NOW TV review

NOW TV Movies

NOW TV Movies has a free thirty day trial which is very nice, and is somewhat similar to for example Netflix. They do have a quite big library of films available, but it is worth knowing that with this subscription you will not have the right to watch TV series and shows, because for that you will need to NOW TV Entertainment subscription. The NOW TV Sky Movies Pass costs £9.99 a month after your first 30 day free trial.

The films available are in fact quite cool and somewhat different from Netflix and Amazon Prime. It seems to us that they get some of the really hot and new films quicker than their opponents, so at the time writing films such as Into the Storm, The Equalizer, Guardians of the Galaxy, Edge of Tomorrow, Neighbors, Sex Tape, The Lego Movie, White House Down and several other films can be seen by movie subscribers which can not be seen on Netflix. They also have a quite big selection of old classics, especially old British classics, so if this sounds cool, then NOW TV Sky Movies is the right place for you to be.

They also have a live stream which will show what is currently going on at the Sky Movies channels, and that is truly worth a lot if you want to see the best new films right away. The channels you can watch live online with a NOW TV Movies subscriptions are Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Showcase, Sky Movies Greats, Sky Movies Disney, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Adventure, Sky Movies Comedy, Sky Movies Crime and Thriller, Sky Movies Drama and Romance, Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror and Sky Movies Select.

NOW TV Entertainment

At NOW TV Entertainment you can see content from Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Gold, Comedy Central, Arts, ITV Encore, Fox, MTV, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Junior. Here you can enjoy both live content from these channels and of course a wide selection of TV series available. Among the shows you can watch with a NOW TV Entertainment subscription you will find 24, The Blacklist, Desperate Housewives, Castle, Bones, Dracula, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Hannibal, Madam Secretary, The Walking Dead, The Affair, Entourage, Veep, Game of Thrones and of course lots of children shows like Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, Go Diego Go, Team Umizoomi and so on.

The price for a NOW TV Entertainment package is £6.99 a month which is not at all bad concerning all the permanent content you get in addition to the live streams which is worth a whole lot themselves.

[stbpro id=”alert” caption=”The big minus with NOW TV Movies and Entertainment”]There is one big minus that we simply do not understand why they do not fix at NOW TV. We have seen forums posts about it from 2013 where NOW TV said they would look into it, but still nothing has happened. The problem is something as easy as subtitles. No subtitles are available for movies or entertainment and that can make it really hard for people who do not have English as their native tongue to follow the action or the jokes made in the movies and TV shows, so that is a giant minus.[/stbpro]

NOW TV Entertainment review

NOW TV Sports

With a NOW TV Sports subscription you will able to watch live content from the following amazing Sky channels: Sky Sports News, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports Ashes, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 5 and Sky Sports F1. Since sports is fun live, there is not a big selection of stuff to watch, so this is for sports enthusiasts who want to watch all the action and fun live on their favorite SKY Sports channel. Compared to the other packages the NOW TV Sports package is by far the most expensive. A day pass costs £6.99 while a week pass costs £9.99. That might sound brutal, but compared to the prices if you would buy a package for Sky Sports somewhere else, it is not at all expensive, so that is a fair price compared to the market price of the product. In fact the solution with a week pass is brilliant, because you only pay when there is some action going on that you would like to watch, so if there is an event you want to follow which lasts for 2 weeks, then you do not need to buy a subscription for a month, but only for the actual time that you want to watch.

NOW TV Sports review

So, these are our first impressions of NOW TV. The conclusion is that it is brilliant, it can not really be compared to Netflix, HBO Now or Amazon Prime, because it has so much more to offer due to the live streams. If you are a fan of Sky then you will for sure want to watch NOW TV, and if you are located outside the United Kingdom but still want to sign up for NOW TV, read more about watching NOW TV from abroad in the following article.

It is time to finish this review and with all the fun waiting for us at NOW TV we guess it is time for an early lunch break watching some nice movies. After all The Gives, If I Stay, Transcendence, Last Vegas and quite some other films will soon start streaming live.

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Have you got any thoughts on NOW TV? Write your thoughts and let us and our readers know how you feel about the product and how it is working!

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