Watch NOW TV from outside the UK

NOW TV is a great tool for those who want to watch films, entertainment and sports online. We have already written a guide online here in our IP Guide on how to watch SKY (Sports) from abroad, but if you really want to watch SKY Sports and so on online, NOW TV is for sure the best and the easiest solution.

NOW TV was first announced back in February 2012 and was published in July the same year. Since then this is a great portal where you can sign up for different categories, and thus you can watch lots of cool stuff online as a subscriber. It has quite some similarities to Netflix and Amazon, but at the same time it is quite different, because here you can watch live TV shows and even more important, live sports. But, how can you watch NOW TV from outside the UK?

NOW TV from outside the UK

Watch NOW TV in Windows from abroad

To watch NOW TV on Windows on your laptop or computer from abroad you will need a couple of things. First and foremost you will need to give the NOW TV website an impression that you are located in the United Kingdom, and this can be done easily with a subscription to ExpressVPN, a very good and easy to use VPN provider. Download their Windows client after making a subscription and connect to a server in England. Once this is done you restart your browser and you can visit the NOW TV website and you will be allowed to sign up, subscribe to either NOW TV Entertainment, NOW TV Sports or NOW TV Movies. Once subscribed you can watch and enjoy from all across the world. Make sure not to forget to activate Silverlight as that is needed for NOW TV to work.

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These are the general steps you need to make for NOW TV to function and work in Windows. Are you using an Android device and not Windows? Read on!

Watch NOW TV on an Android device from outside the UK

Do you have a tablet or maybe a cell phone that you would like to use to watch NOW TV from outside England? The steps are quite similar, but it is one more step that you need to be aware of for this to work. Once more you will need an ExpressVPN subscription so sign up for their services and download their client to your Android device (using the Google Play Store). Once you have downloaded the ExpressVPN client you will need to enter your credentials and connect to a server in the UK. When this is done you need to enter the Settings of your Android device. Once there go to Applications and once there go to Google Play Store. There you need to clear all data and then you are ready to go.

Visit the Google Play Store and search for NOW TV and you will be able to both find and to download the client. Now you are ready to go, but there might be that you will face another very annoying bug later. If you get a “Sim card error” as you try to watch any films it is because NOW TV checks your SIM Card and its registered country. Little can be done about that, so if this problem occurs for you we recommend that you either remove your SIM card for the time you want to watch the film, or you can use a device without a SIM card to watch and enjoy NOW TV.

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Watch NOW TV on an iOS device

If you want to watch NOW TV on an iPad or maybe an iPhone you will again need your ExpressVPN subscription. To be able to download the client you will need to be registered with an Apple ID in the United Kingdom, meaning that you will need to change the country and address your Apple ID for this to work. Be aware of the fact that this can be quite risky because as you change the country you might lose the rights to use some of the applications you have downloaded and bought earlier in your original location. It is possible, but might cause problems. If you still want to do it, just change the country of your Apple ID and make sure to be connected to UK server with ExpressVPN, and you should be ready to watch NOW TV online from all across the world on your iOS device within shortly.

Watch NOW TV on Chromecast

To watch NOW TV on a Chromecast you will need a combination of a Windows computer with Google Chrome with the Chromecast app, or an Android device with a Chromecast app (with a UK SIM card or without a SIM card), a TV with Chromecast and a router automatically setup to use a UK server. Since your Chromecast uses a WiFi connection available, you need your Chromecast to use a WiFi connection providing it with a UK IP address and that is why you should do this configuration on your router already. This is a bit more complicated, but you can read more about it in this article: Chromecast and VPN.

A small update on this subject can be found in the comment field at the bottom of this article, as there is a way to avoid the SIM card error as you use an Android phone together with Chromecast to watch NOW TV.

We hope this little guide on how to watch NOW TV, aka SKY TV, from abroad has helped you and that you will now be able to watch the action you love from all across the world. If you have comments, questions or feedback, just write in the fields further down! If you want more information on news about NOW TV, technical questions and so on, visit the following site.

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  1. Thomas Stein says:

    Just wanted to write a feedback concerning the SIM Card Error and the usage of Chromecast. If you activate the Chromecast from your Android device with a SIM Card before starting the film itself, as you start the film it will not load from the telephone wit the SIM Card, but your Chromecast will start the video instead, and since that has no SIM card or phone number you will avoid this problem. But, you will of course need to have your Chromecast running with a WiFi connection that has a UK IP address for this to work! Enjoy!

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