White House Down on NOW TV

A while back two films were recorded almost simultaneously and they shared very similar stories. One of them was Olympus has Fallen, and the other film was White House Down. We had only seen Olympus has Fallen, but suddenly we noticed the White House Down film was just made available on NOW TV, so we thought it was about time to check it out as well!

White House Down on NOW TV

If you are looking for a very serious action film then White House Down is not your film. This is more like an action film packed with humor and crazy jokes, an American President with a gun in his hand and firing missiles and so much more. In White House Down you will see some real brave Americans fighting the intruders of the White House and even though the story is very similar to the Olympus has Fallen story, this one is kind of lighter and funnier.

If you have not seen either of the films then both can be nice to see if you want a good action film for the evening. We do not really know which one we would prefer, but after using two hours on watching White House Down on NOW TV, we do not at all regret spending the time watching the film. Have you seen White House Down? How did you like it?

We watched the film on NOW TV, and if you want to watch NOW TV online as well, then you better live in the UK or if you want to watch NOW TV from abroad, then you better read the following article were we explain more about how to watch NOW TV from abroad. What is quite cool about NOW TV is that they do publish quite a lot of brand new films which are not available on Netflix and to Prime members, so go visit their site for more information on their product.

For more information and news about films and other technical questions concerning NOW TV, visit this site.

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