Five cryptocurrencies that I would invest in with a 2-year perspective!

Today I wanted to write an article that I do not want to call science, just a little fun project for myself. What is it all about? We all want quick gains and that is often our biggest favorite of them all. But, let us say that you have a perspective of two years. What would you invest in? We do know that so much can happen in two years in crypto, and that might also mean that things will dump in the same period of time. After all, we saw lots of crypto dump a lot in the period between January 2018 and January 2020.

But, which are the five cryptocurrencies that I would invest in with a two year perspective right now?

AVAX (Avalanche)

I do believe in the future of this blockchain as I see that they have a team that is really active and lots of amazing projects running on the blockchain already. They have upcoming subnets which will make it even better and faster, and even though it has been soaring in price quite a lot if we look at the most recent year, I do believe that it will go much further.

If we compare it with Ethereum, the supply at the moment is 3x bigger, meaning that with the same value as Ethereum today, the price of one AVAX should be more than $1000. We are, of course, far from that at the moment, but it means that there is a lot of room for growth with AVAX.

avax avalanche

Price at the time of writing: $86

STRONG (StrongBlock)

This is a big risk thing, but seeing that the main currency of StrongBlock, the STRONG token, has dropped a lot in value after STRNGR was introduced, I do believe that the value of STRONG has a lot of potential long term. This is high risk and it might turn out the other way, but as I do not believe that David Moss and the team would abandon the token, I definitely believe STRONG will have room for giant gains in the long perspective.

Some might say that currently it has no use-case at all, but I consider this to be a perfect time for gathering up. There is a total of 528,000 tokens, meaning that the price might drop more, maybe even to $15 or $20, but at such levels, whales can just buy them all and there is a lower limit here for how far down it can go. But, if you look at the possibilities for the future as a governance token and a token very hard to earn, I believe this has giant possibilities of profit!

Once again, I would buy STRONG and not STRNGR if I hold a long-term perspective and a price increase in perspective. STRNGR might be more useful, but with the big number of nodes, I fear that the selling-pressure will make it hard to keep this price high for a very long time.

strongblock investment

Price at the time of writing: $45

ETH (Ethereum)

Ethereum is one of the big ones and it is turning more and more deflationary. WE also have it turning into a Proof of Stake chain around the corner, and thus, I do believe there is plenty of room for growth in value for Ethereum as well. Seeing this as one of the largest and safest projects in the crypto-world, I consider this to be a blue-chip crypto and one of the safest investments.

ethereum investment

Price at the time of writing: $3234

BNB (Binance Coin)

This is a bet I am wiling to make, seeing that Binance is really working hard at being cutting edge all the time. Of course, we have seen exchanges fall apart and lose their leading position, but unless some giant hack or other thing should happen, I doubt that Binance will lose their leading position anytime soon. With all the benefits you have with holding BNB (launchpad and launchpool projects), that should give an additional bonus with the token.

binance coin

Price at the time of writing: $426

VRA (Verasity)

This is a coin that I know is favored by thousands of people and there are so many investors who are cheering for this one and they are all expecting the price of the token to hit $1 sometime soon.. Of course, many of them will sell in that moment making it hard for the price to grow further on, but if this token can hit one dollar and stay above that price, this is going to be really crazy.


Price at the time of writing: $0.025

A bonus – VET (Vechain)

I just wanted to mention Vechain and their VET token as a bonus token that I also have faith in with a long-term perspective. There are very few projects out there with as many solid partnerships as Vechain and they have a very serious team working on their project. They have had an all-time high of more than 4x its current value, meaning that it can easily multiply several times within a few days in a very bullish market.


Price at the time of writing: $0.067

These are five (or was it six?) cryptoprojects I believe will have a solid future. But, who knows? So much can happen in two years and if the market should collapse, so will these. But, if the market will keep on moving in a bullish direction, I believe all of these will see great increase in value as well!

Do you have any favorite cryptocurrency that you would bet on with a 2-year perspective? I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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