Five cryptocurrencies that I would invest in with a 2-year perspective!

Today I wanted to write an article that I do not want to call science, just a little fun project for myself. What is it all about? We all want quick gains and that is often our biggest favorite of them all. But, let us say that you have a perspective of two years. What Read More

BinaryCat launchpad coming to PenguinFinance – Is it worth joining?

The crypto-space is in love with launchpad projects. Binance is running launchpad projects regularly and they have seen several times that more than 200,000 accounts have joined in such sales. Avalaunch is doing regular launches on the Avalanche blockchain, but they have a KYC requirement, making it unattractive to many users. And then you have Read More

Which hardware wallet should I use for the Avalanche blockchain?

Would you like to do transactions on the Avalanche blockchain? Or maybe you would like to stake AVAX tokens and run an AVAX validator? Which hardware wallet should you choose? Is SafePal, Trezor, or maybe a Ledger the best option? In this article, I will give you my thoughts on the topic! A few months Read More