What is Merchant Moe? What is the purpose of the MOE token?

Have you heard about Merchant Moe, a decentralized exchange on the Mantle Network? The Mantle Network is a Layer-2 platform, built upon the Ethereum blockchain, and it is very fast and easy to use. But, what’s up with Merchant Moe, and what is the purpose of the MOE token? Have you ever used the exchange Read More

Five cryptocurrencies that I would invest in with a 2-year perspective!

Today I wanted to write an article that I do not want to call science, just a little fun project for myself. What is it all about? We all want quick gains and that is often our biggest favorite of them all. But, let us say that you have a perspective of two years. What Read More

How to buy UST and how to earn interest with UST on Anchor Protocol on the Avalanche blockchain?

Have you heard about Anchor Protocol? Have you heard about the fact that you can get an interest of almost 20% by depositing your UST stable coin to the platform? Isn’t that just awesome? Anchor Protocol was first launched on the Terra blockchain, but in March 2022, it was also made available on the Avalanche Read More

What does it mean for a cryptocurrency to be deflationary?

If you have paid attention to what is going on in the world of cryptocurrencies for a while, then you have for sure heard of expressions such as inflation and deflation. The truth is, you don’t need to look to the world of cryptocurrencies to meet such expressions, it is enough to study the financial Read More

Earn passive income with Cryptopuffies (NFTs)… Easy, neat, cute, and cool!

We are entirely in love with the thought of generating passive income. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning knowing that you have earned money/crypto while snoring, or to pay for groceries at the store, knowing that during the time you walked around the store, you earned the money passively that you will Read More