Forky Asks a Question on Disney Plus – But, who is it for?

One of the Disney+ original productions that came with the platform upon release was Forky Asks a Question. This is a show with short episodes in which Forky, one of the many characters for Toy Story asks questions, and answers them together with other characters, including the famous pig. But, is this worth watching? Will it actually give you answers that makes a topic easier to understand?

The first two episodes of Forky Asks a Question on Disney Plus
The first two episodes of Forky Asks a Question on Disney Plus

By now, the first two episodes have been released on Disney Plus. The first episode asked the question “What is Money?”, while the second episode dealt with “What is a Friend?”. So, are they good? Are they ideal to watch for kids who want to understand certain topics in a better way? They might be, but I don’t feel any sense of satisfaction after watching the first episodes on Disney Plus.

Is this really for kids?

After watching the first two episodes, I keep on asking myself – is this really for kids? A good teacher is one who can take a somewhat hard topic and explain it in an easy way. That is the big difference between a good and a bad teacher. And now I ask myself the question… is Forky and his friends really examples of poor teachers? I don’t feel as if they added anything to my knowledge as they spoke about money and friends, in fact, I felt as if they confused me more. It might be that kids will find this to be more useful, but still, it didn’t feel to me as if Forky and his friends spoke the language of children either.

Now, this might make you mad, but I feel as if I could have explained both the concept of money and of friends in a better and more understandable way. Normally I don’t think like that when I watch content on TV, but watching Forky Asks a Question, the thought kept coming to my mind.

It is an advantage for Forky Asks a Question that the episodes are really short (approximately three minutes). They are easy to watch and the characters are nice to look at. Once again, the only problem is the way they explain the concepts the actual episodes are dealing with. This has fantastic potential, and I do hope it will get better with the upcoming episodes.

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