Hannah Hayes – The Blacklist S07 E07

The most recent episode of The Blacklist was named after a doctoral student who was raped during her studies, and now she is getting revenge on the rapist and other men who have done similar crimes. This was the seventh episode of The Blacklist in the seventh season, and I must say, I still enjoy this season a whole lot!

Do not read this article if you haven’t seen the episode yet. I have already spoiled one of the most important information about the episode, and I am about to spoil even more. So get ready to watch The Blacklist season 7 on Netflix instead and once you have watched the episode, return to this article to read more of my thoughts on the episode.

Hannah Hayes - The Blacklist S07 E07
Hannah Hayes – The Blacklist S07 E07

What makes Hannah Hayes a person on The Blacklist?

I guess this is something we have known for a long time, but the persons on the blacklist, are not really those big-time blacklisters anymore. In fact, the people now on the blacklist is more like normal criminals doing some sort of special stuff. And yes, that is for sure true about Hannah Hayes as well. She was raped and got pregnant a while ago, and now she is using her skills as a surgeon and a doctor to make those evil men pregnant, as a way of punishing them for their deeds. So, this is not a political crime, it is more a revenge at men who have done perverted things in the past.

It was an interesting plot to follow, and even though it wasn’t that interesting, it was still an enjoyable story and one I had no trouble watching.

The rest of the Hannah Hayes episode

In the seventh episode, we yet again see quite a lot of Katarina Rostova. She is in the park with Agnes when she discovers that someone is following them. These are working for someone else trying to catch her (Russians), and it ends with a fight. Even Agnes comes to see what has happened, but she promises that she will keep what she has seen a secret from her mom.

Raymond Reddington finds a boy who has been under the protection of Katarina for a long time. He tries to blackmail Katarina with the boy, but Katarina doesn’t follow the instructions. Raymond said he would kill the boy, but based on his own consciousness, and also Dembe’s, he lets the boy live.

In the end, Katarina gets an address to Ilza Kozlov (whom we actually thought was Reddington), and then the friend of Reddington whom we have seen quite some times in the last episodes, opens the door. What will happen next?

The big plot moves on…

The big cat and dog fight between Katarina and Raymond moves on. But, how will it end? I still believe it might end with them finding one another, but the story can for sure not move on with Katarina and Raymond together, so I believe Katarina will die in the end (after they have made peace with one another). But, that is for sure many episodes away, but by the end of The Blacklist season 7, I believe something like that might happen.

Next week on The Blacklist

The upcoming episode is called The Hawaladar. We don’t really know much about the blacklister in the episode, but we do know that Katarina captured Ilza (or someone she believes to be Ilza) at the end of the former episode. And so, “The Man Who Knows Red’s Secrets” is in the hands of Katarina. This ain’t gonna be pretty!

I still don’t understand why these people just can’t make peace with one another, but I guess that is the way it is!

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