HideMyAss in more than 85 countries

HideMyAss recently made a big upgrade to their network, making them by far the largest and biggest VPN provider on the market. After their newest upgrade they now have servers in more than 85 countries worldwide.

With their newest upgrade HideMyAss now provide a good VPN service in cool countries such as Benin, Georgia, Belarus, Burkina Faso and several other nations. In addition to adding ten servers in new nations they also upgraded with even more servers in several other nations in which they already have servers, so as we can see from month to month, HideMyAss do their best to keep their server park updated with more than enough IP addresses available to all their users.
If you want to try HideMyAss yourself, visit their website clicking the button. If you want to know more about HidemyAss, read our review.

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