How to setup a proxy server in Opera?

Do you want to setup a proxy server in Opera, but can not find out how to do it? This little guide will tell you how to setup a proxy server in Opera Web browser. I wrote this article with the newest version of the Opera browser on the market at time writing, version 17.

If you want to hide your IP address or maybe just change it, a proxy might help you to do so. It can be hard at times to find a working proxy server elsewhere in the world, but if you first find one you better know how to implement the given proxy server in your browser and in Windows or some other operating system in general. This little set of instructions will give you some basic insight on how to setup a proxy server in Opera web browser. If you use Firefox, read more about how to setup a proxy in Firefox.

Proxy settings in Opera

Setup a proxy server in Opera.

  • First you need to click the Opera button in the upper left corner and press settings (or ALT-P)
  • You might have to scroll a bit down. Stop when you find Network and press “Change Proxy Settings.”
  • You will get a Windows settings screen showing where you Local Area Network Settings (lower right corner)
  • On the screen turn on Proxy Server setting and add the IP address of the server and the correct port.

Once this is done you press okay and it should be working. Notice that these settings are valid for Windows in general, so if Internet suddenly stops working, it is probably because of the fact that the proxy server you are using, or at least trying to use, does not work.

It is also worth knowing that proxy servers tend to slow down your Internet connection, so be aware of the fact that it is a common problem. If the new proxy server is working, you can easily check it by controlling your IP address before adding the proxy server settings and after doing the setup. If your IP address has changed in the process, then it is working and your surfing the Internet will not be traced to your current location, but to the location of the proxy server you are using.

If you are tired of proxy servers with poor speeds, and proxies not working, try a VPN solution instead, which is easy, safe, quick and does not cost much at all. We have tons of VPN tool reviews here in the IP Guide, so take some minutes and read more about them if it sounds interesting.

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