What VPN service to use in China?

VPN service in ChinaChina is well known for their way of controlling everything, limiting what people can watch on TV and see on the Internet. When living in China or visiting China a VPN can therefore be really useful as it can help you reach online content unavailable earlier, and protect your data from intruders.

If you are about to travel to China it can be very useful to sign up for a VPN service before arriving. This is due to the fact that several of the homepages of VPN providers are blocked once inside China. This does not mean that the VPN service does not work, but if you have not signed up before traveling to China you will not be able to visit the actual website in China, and thus you will not be able to sign up for their service anymore. I am not actually writing this article from China, so do not know if this is true, but according to sources on the Internet the websites of the following VPN services reviewed in our IP Address Guide are blocked in China:

Again, this does not mean that their services do not work in China, it simply means that their websites can not be reached in China.

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What VPN service to use in China?

Based on feedback from users, reviews and other comments on the Internet, the most popular VPN services to use in China is StrongVPN. It of course depends on what you would like to do, but a StrongVPN subscription will make sure that you can reach all websites blocked in China and you will be able to use whatever social media site you would like to. Their customer service is very good, so you normally receive an answer to your questions within shortly. A common problem when using VPN is download speed problems. In general this should not be any problem as you use StrongVPN, but I do know that some people have had problems with Skype Conference Calls and so on. However, if your main goal is to protect your own data, be able to use social media sites, Gmail, search with Google and so on, StrongVPN should be more than enough for you.

If you still want to use another service, ExpressVPN is known to have great download speeds as well. It is a bit more expensive than StrongVPN, so if you want the cheapest solution, then go for the cheapest package available from StrongVPN.


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