How to get an IP address in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabian Ip addressDo you want to get an IP address in Saudi Arabia? Do you want to virtually reside in Saudi Arabia for some reason? Or do you want to bypass Internet restrictions in Saudi Arabia? A VPN can help you in both cases, so keep on reading for more information.

Saudi Arabia is known to be a very conservative nation and with quite a lot of restrictions dealing with freedom of speech et cetera. They are for example limiting uploading of new videos to YouTube and quite a lot of other sites suffer from similar restrictions. If you live in Saudi Arabia and want to reach such restricted sites a way of doing so is by using a VPN. That is a virtual private network conneting you to a secure server in Saudi Arabia. All connections between your computer and the server will be encrypted, meaning that your movements online and activity will be hidden and it will be impossible to trace it back to you. In addition the server you connect to will allow you access to all sites normally protected or restricted in Saudi Arabia, meaning that the doors of Internet will open up to you.

To watch and unblock social media sites such as YouTube and so what you need to do in Saudi Arabia is to connect to a VPN server either in Saudi Arabia or outside. It might be better to connect to a server outside Saudi Arabia in some other nation, but if your goal actually is to get a Saudi Arabian IP address, then of course you will need to connect to a VPN server in Saudi Arabia.

Get a Saudi Arabian IP address

The best VPN provider on the market, at least many people consider them to be that, is HideMyAss. They are very big as they have servers in more than 60 nations and one of their newest nations is Saudi Arabia, meaning that HideMyAss users can now get an IP address in Saudi Arabia easily using HideMyAss.

Another VPN provider also with great speeds and capacity providing IP addresses in Saudi Arabia is VyprVPN. They host all their servers themselves and keep all business inside the house, providing users with maximal security and privacy.

What you need to do to get an IP address in Saudi Arabia is to visit the HideMyAss website or VyprVPN website, make a subscription, download their VPN software and connect to their server in Saudi Arabia (these steps are the same with both HideMyAss and VyprVPN). To bypass restrictions on YouTube and other sites in Saudi Arabia, connect to a server in a nation outside Saudi Arabia using the same subscription and service, and you will see how the Internet doors are opened to you.


[stextbox id=”info”]Click the boxes to visit the HideMyAss/VyprVPN websites and to check out their prices and get started. If you find a package suiting your needs, you can find yourself surfing with an IP address in Saudi Arabia in a few minutes from now.[/stextbox]


[stextbox id=”warning”]Be aware of the fact that if you try to visit the HideMyAss website from within Saudi Arabia you will get an error message telling you that the site is blocked. So, if you are in Saudi Arabia and need an IP address outside Saudi Arabia to get rid of such regulations and restrictions, use VyprVPN instead.[/stextbox]

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      Sorry, but most VPN providers only let you use random IPs made available to them. So is true fro HideMyAss, but if I find some information about someone who can offer you static IP in Saudi Arabia, I will let you know!

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