The Good Place season 2 is now on Netflix

Are you in the mood for watching The Good Place season 2? It is a hilarious NBC series, and the second season has just started. Where can you stream The Good Place season 2 on the Internet?

The Good Place is an original NBC series in which we meet Kirsten Bell, a lady who just died. After death, she comes to The Good Place, a version of heaven, a place organized by the character of Ted Danson. The first season ended with everyone’s memory being erased, and now it is time for the second season.

What will happen with the people who just got their memories erased? Will they remember one another? Will they meet again?

The Good Place on TV
Cannot watch The Good Place on TV? Where can you watch The Good Place online?

Above you can see us streaming The Good Place on our TV. That is not because we live in the United States, but because we are using Hulu, a Chromecast and our instructions for streaming Hulu from abroad.

Would you like to stream the second season of The Good Place as well? It is really easy. You can stream it on the NBC website (how to stream NBC from abroad); you can stream it on Hulu, but even easier in 2017… you can watch it on Netflix. Since The Good Place hasn’t turned into an international hit, few TV channels broadcast the TV series outside the United States. In such nations, Netflix will broadcast The Good Place instead.

Here are some examples of nations in which you can stream The Good Place season 2 on Netflix:
  • Hungary
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • France
  • Croatia

Would you like to stream The Good Place season 2 on Netflix in the UK? Find out more on how to stream UK Netflix from abroad right here.

The first episode has been aired on NBC already and the next episode will air on NBC, Netflix and Hulu in less than a week from now. We look forward to it!

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