Hector Finance was the best performer in the last seven days and by far the best performer overall! (April 13-April 20 rebase token experiment report)

We have just finished yet another week with our rebase token experiment, and this time it has been a quite poor week for most of the tokens. Most importantly, OlympusDAO has had a rough week and declined more than 16% in value in the period between April 13th antd April 20th. Maybe just as surprising is a steep decline of REDACTED which has fallen more than 35% in value in the same period.

If you look at the chart below, you can see that the only “serious” team actually producing a positive number is HectorFinance. Of course, Exodia also produced a good number, but it is hard to be too serious about that project, also knowing that it is down more than 85% compared to the initial investment value.

best performing rebase tokens the last week

Above you can see all the results from the last week. There were not a lot of positive things happening here, but I would mention that KlimaDAO is stabilizing somewhere around a price of $18-$20. If they can manage to stay alive right there without dropping further, this might actually look quite nice for some in a couple of months. But, can they stabilize just here?

But, if we return to Hector Finance, check the chart below to see how this project seems to stabilize nowadays. They have had some very nice last two months with quite stable price growth, with a few negatives (tiny) now and then. But, all in all, they are working hard on the project and it should also be mentioned that they have decrease the APY of the project to 130%. This is still a giant interest compared to most other tokens, but compared to where it came from with APY above 100,000%, this is extremely low. How much further will it go down?

all the tokens

Above you can see Hector Finance as the best performing token, the highest valued token right now. After reaching a bottom seven weeks ago, they have seen a steady growth and it will be interesting to see where it will go from here.

Which is the best of all the rebase tokens?

I guess you cannot measure the success of a token based on Dollar value only. But, there is a high chance that a solid project with a great team will perform better in a bear market than those that are based on empty promises and a copy of an OlympusDAO code, just being placed on a different blockchain.

If that is so, below you can see the performance of all the tokens included in this project, comparing the current value of the investment with the value it had upon investment.

As you can see, Hector Finance is down 43%, completely outperforming the other tokens. The closest competitor is MagnetDAO, only down 60%.

What do you make of these numbers? Should we just forget about the project and cash out in loss, or do you believe one or more of these projects can turn it all around and make it all worth it?

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