HideMyAss just made unblocking streaming services easier!

In the first years after the release of the IP Address Guide, HIdeMyAss was constantly recommended by us as a good VPN solution. But, in recent years, HideMyAss has lost a grip of it all, and they can hardly be used to unblock websites.

But, it seems to us as if HideMyAss has understood that they are in trouble, and now they are trying to get some customers back again. Many people use a VPN to stay low and secure online, but most people use a VPN to unblock websites and streaming services. And thus, if HIdeMyAss cannot help you unblock websites, they will for sure lose a lot of potential customers.

So, what has HideMyAss done to fix the problem?

HideMyAss might be the biggest VPN provider of them all, and they have servers in more countries worldwide than any other provider. If you want to connect to a server in the USA, they have more than 50 servers to choose from. And the problem is that they are almost all blocked. Is there a way to make the experience easier and better for us users who just want to unblock HBO Now, American Netflix, NBC, Hulu, and other similar services? Take a look at the video beneath for a live demonstration!

It isn’t a big change, but it is a very important change. As you open the HIdeMyAss client and choose a location, you can now connect to any of their servers worldwide. But, they have also added some other options.

hidemyass location mode

Above you can see a screenshot from the Windows application. Here you can choose to see all servers, P2P servers, Favorites or servers made especially for streaming. And if your goal is to unblock streaming sites, this is what you need to choose.

If you choose Streaming, you will see a list of servers that are specially made for unblocking streaming sites. Currently, there is one server listed in the UK, and three servers listed in the USA. If you connect to these servers you will be able to unblock BBC, ITV, UK Netflix (if you connect to the server in the UK), and if you connect to the servers in the USA you can stream NBC, Hulu, American Netflix, HBO Now and more. Based on our tests, HideMyAss does not work if you want to unblock Amazon Prime, so if that is the goal, we recommend using a different VPN service.

All in all, this is a great improvement

This is a great start at making HideMyAss great again (like Donald Trump would say it). They have lost a lot of customers in the latter years, but this might help them get back on track again. If you want to give HideMyAss a try, click the button beneath.


What is your experience with HideMyAss like? Are you satisfied?


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