Is PureVPN better than HideMyAss? A VPN comparison!

Which VPN provider deserves to get your monthly payment? Is HideMyAss a better VPN provider than PureVPN, or is the Hong Kong-based VPN provider PureVPN better than the UK based VPN provider HideMyAss? It might sound “better” with a UK-based company than a Hong Kong-based company, but is that really so? Since I have started Read More

We have tested the HideMyAss download speeds in 2020!

HideMyass Speed test… find out more! HideMyAss was one of our favorite VPN providers for years. But, then they somehow got boring, and they didn’t work as well for a long time. So, as we sat down to make this speed test, we didn’t have high expectations to what this British VPN provider would provide. Read More