How can I setup SmartDNS service directly on my router?

Wi-Fi Router If you use a DNS service to reach content online unavailable to you because of your location, then you know how to change your DNS settings in Windows, or at least you know how to tell for example the PureVPN application to change your DNS settings instead of you.

But, let us say that you have a Chromecast that you want to enjoy and for that purpose you want to use the DNS service you have a subscription to. How can that be done? And if you do not want to change the DNS settings in Windows, can you do so in a different way? The answer to both questions is yes, and this is how you can change the DNS server settings directly on your router, meaning that you will no longer need to manually change them in Windows, or on your Android device or in iOS, but all connections made through the router will automatically go using the DNS settings setup by the router.

And this is perfect if you want to use a Chromecast it means that this will work with the Chromecast as well, because all data sent to the Chromecast will come from the WiFi connection provided by the router, which will be using the DNS service, which mean that you can for example watch Netflix on Chromecast, even from abroad. If you do not want to run all your Internet traffic using the SmartDNS service then a good option can be to use a second router. Let the first router just run the normal Internet connection and have a free WiFi connection. Then you connect a second router to that router and let that router use the SmartDNS service. Now you have two WiFi connections available in the house. Whenever you want to use the normal connection without SmartDNS service connect to the WiFi connection provided by router 1, while as you connect to router number 2 as you want to use the SmartDNS service.

[stbpro id=”info”]It isn’t as easy as this, unfortunately. We have written one more updated article with more information on this matter. You can read it here.[/stbpro]

How can I setup SmartDNS on my router

It depends on which SmartDNS provider you use, but start finding the DNS server addresses of the provider you use. Once you have the addresses of the DNS servers it is time to connect to your router which can normally be found on IP address or or Log in using the username and password for the router. Once you are inside the system you need to add the DNS servers. On a D-Link router you can change DNS servers like this.

  • D-Link router: Manual Internet Connection¬† (or Wan settings). Once you see the DNS server settings add the DNS servers from your provider.
  • DD-WRT router: Setup – Basic Setup. Add the DNS servers in Static DNS 1, Static DNS 2. Once this is done press Save and Apply Settings.

These were some small advices on how you can setup SmartDNS directly on your router. Read more about the PureVPN SmartDNS services here.

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