Why doesn’t the Netflix application work with SmartDNS?

Have you ever experienced what we wrote about in an article yesterday, that the Netflix application will not work with your SmartDNS provider. Everything has been setup correctly, the SmartDNS is working perfectly, but as you start the Netflix application on your Android phone or some other device, it simply says that you are located Read More

How can I setup SmartDNS service directly on my router?

If you use a DNS service to reach content online unavailable to you because of your location, then you know how to change your DNS settings in Windows, or at least you know how to tell for example the PureVPN application to change your DNS settings instead of you. But, let us say that you Read More

Setup LT2P connection on DD-WRT router using HideMyAss

If you want to use the L2TP protocol and HideMyAss is your VPN provider, then find out how to setup this combination on your DD-WRT router. It is easy, yet very powerful! If you do not have a route running DD-WRT system, then maybe you should buy one first? Find out which are the best Read More

Best VPN routers on the market

Would you like to have a router in your home which can be used as a VPN server, or maybe use it to encrypt all your online movements to make sure that your confidential data remains confidential? Or maybe you want to connect your Xbox, Playstation or Wii to the Internet and give them an Read More