Watch Canale 5 from outside Italy

Do you want to watch Canale 5 from outside Italy? You might have problems, because it is often required that you have an Italian IP address to watch.

Lots of TV channels add so called blocks to their online broadcasts to make sure that only people inside the nation of that TV channel will be able to watch the broadcasts. This is so that copyright laws are to be intact and kept. Often that means that you as an Italian will not be able to watch your favorite TV serie from abroad, because you do not have an Italian IP address. But, if you still want to watch Canale 5 from outside Italy, how can you do that?

The principle if you want to watch Canale 5 from outside Italy is exactly the same principle as is used when you want to watch Rai from outside Italy. You need to get hold of an Italian IP address, and that can most easily be done if you use a VPN service. What a VPN is about is creating a tunnel between your computer and a server in Italy. Once you are connected to that server everything you do on the Internet will seem to origin from the server in Italy, which means that you will have an Italian IP address and thus be able to watch Canale 5 and do other activities limited to those with an Italian IP.

Canala 5 from outside italy

What VPN service should I use?
If you want to watch Canale 5 from outside Italy a very good VPN provider is HideMyAss (read the our HideMyAss review). They have several servers in Italy, they have good speeds and it is extremely easy to use. If you visit the HideMyAss website all you need to do is to sign up for their service, download their client, connect to a server in Italy, and you are ready to go. It all takes a maximum of 5 minutes, which means that you can watch geo-blocked Internet content on Canale 5 in five minutes from now.

Want to try it yourself? Press the link and go ahead!



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